Second First

 Our kids have staggered starting days, so though the older girls already started school, Bayboo started on the 31st of August. So, you could say it’s our second first day around here 🙂

Bayboo is officially a kindergarten lady! Her first day couldn’t come fast enough; for Bayboo, anyway. I could have waited just a little longer.

She had her backpack filled (and overflowing) with her school supplies, and 2 pairs of indoor shoes (I guess she was just trying to be prepared!). Not sure why they make these kids’ backpacks as big as the child herself! She was thrilled to have a pink shirt, pink backpack, and of course – a pink lunch box!

We had to arrive almost a half an hour early because, frankly, I couldn’t take the begging and pleading! “Mommy, is it time for school YET?? What about NOW? Is it?? Can we go? PUHLEASE???” It didn’t take her long to get right to the serious business of climbing on the playground outside her class door. If I were a good mother, I’d have this child in gymnastics.

She didn’t want the hopscotch area to feel left out – afterall, it missed it’s favorite hopper!

It wasn’t long before her teacher, Mrs. Campbell, came out to greet the kids. Okay – little fun fact. MY kindergarten teacher was also named Mrs. Campbell! Well, a fun fact for me 🙂

THIS Mrs. Campbell has been around for a long time. In fact, after chatting with another kindergarten mommy, I found out that Mrs. Campbell had taught HER kindergarten. WOW! She seems like such an amazing woman, and I’m thrilled that she’s teaching Bayboo.

A great start. Bayboo was itching to get me OUTTA THERE so she could enjoy her first day. I just wanted to hang on a little longer, but – I kissed her, hugged her, kissed her again, then left her in Mrs. Campbell’s experienced hands. Such a beautiful kindergarten lady, even if she IS my baby bayboo.

2 thoughts on “Second First

  1. Mrs. Campbell. Hmmmm….a very fun fact! Much easier to say than Cassie's Kindergarten teacher…Mrs. Saarenoja. Yeah. Try that one out. : D

    HAppy School days Bayboo!


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