Babies, kids, and cars!

Nothing like getting 4 wisdom teeth pulled, being sick, and having lots of time to edit pictures and blog about them! 🙂 This is a bit of what I’ve been up to in the past couple of weeks.

First – let me introduce my good friend, A,and her baby Ryder. When we first moved here, she was one of the first to befriend me and I’m so glad she did! She is not only completely gorgeous (I mean, look at her) but she is sincere, sweet, generous, hilarious, and smart. I love everything about this girl. I was thrilled to take some photos of her 4th baby – Ryder. He was an angel for the entire shoot, just like his mommy 🙂

You’ll recognize this shot from a previous post. I have started trying more funky/vintage type editing on some pics. I think I like it! I used my “Weathered” action on this one.
This shot was taken in front of a white backdrop. I added in the damask pattern later. I just found a print I liked online, dragged and dropped it on top of the photo in Photoshop, changed the blending mode of the damask layer to “Overlay”, then erased back the baby at the bottom using the layer mask. I love it!

And he is wearing a hat I knitted and a little wrap I also knitted. Not perfect, but I’m learning. Besides, who’s looking at what he’s wearing?? He’s too gorgeous to notice!

I’ve also been privileged to photograph some great families. This was just one of them. This family had 3 daughters (boy, can I relate) and they were little darlings! I was having way too much fun to actually be getting PAID for it! I love what I do 🙂

This little angel was SUCH A DOLL! Talk about a gerber baby!

I especially loved how the girls got along so well and just LOVED each other!

Finally, I had a photography challenge! Not in a bad way, just a NEW way. A co-worker of my husband’s wanted some portraits done and was interested in getting some with him and his sweet car! I have NEVER photographed vehicles before, so I was super nervous doing these. I’d love your input on how I did. I admit, I’m not a car enthusiast and I have no clue what to look for in a “good” car photo.

Again, I played around with a more vintagey type finish on this one:
… and on this one:

Anyway, that’s it for now. I’m slowly recovering from my wisdom teeth extraction and will be on to more photo shoots. I can’t believe I’m already booked into November! Things just don’t seem to slow down! I always love your comments and appreciate the wonderful boost they give me. Truly, they brighten my day. Thanks for taking the time to do it. Have a good one, and I’ll be back soon with more first days of school! Toodle-loo!

8 thoughts on “Babies, kids, and cars!

  1. My oh My oh My! How do you do it??!!! I remember getting all my wisdom teeth pulled out while I was in the middle of college exams and I only had ONE child then. Here you are doing this with FOUR on your hands. Amazing.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your photography. The new boosts are SO good! And what are you talking about……those car shots are GORGEOUS! They could be in any magazine layout. Beautiful!! I have to show Dean this one for sure. HE works with vehicle layouts all the time. I know he'll be impressed. ; )


  2. Great photos. I think the car ones are good, but I'm not into car photos either, so not much help there. The guy looks kinda like John Travolta.
    Hope you recover quick. Yuck.


  3. great pictures, love the techniquest you shared.
    why do you always get to photograph adorable, loving, well-behaved children? i'm sending you my kids because i want you to have some more realistic photographic experiences. try snapping the shutter in between pinches, kicks and whining. or maybe you're like the mary poppins of photography, and you will magically make my kids sweet and spoonful-of-sugary.
    hmmm… i'm booking a flight as we speak.


  4. I love that last picture! can I have that house? and the car? ooh lala. I so need to learn editing – your pictures are all so gorgeous! I love the one of the three girls. love.


  5. Wow, fantastic job on all of the pictures. Sweet baby pictures, gorgeous black and white and you really rocked the car shots. Love the vintage feel one. It's also a better pose for him. The one in front of the house is cool too. I wish you could photograph my kids. 🙂
    xoxo, Christine


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