♪ It’s the most WONDERFUL time of the year! ♫

And not just for me. It’s back to school and I get just as excited today as I did when I was my own children’s age. I LOVE IT! The smell of new notebooks and pencils, the sound of chairs being scootched in under the desks, the squeak of sneakers on the gymnasium floor – I LOVE BACK TO SCHOOL!

Our kids start school on different days due to a staggered start for kindergarteners and a later start date for Pre-K’s. BUT, my oldest 2 started last Thursday and I was thrilled they were still okay with me tagging along, camera in hand!

BB is starting third grade. HOW did that happen? She can’t possibly be THAT grown up, can she?

She was nervous. Very. She loved grade 2 and was scared about changing. We’ve all been there, haven’t we? Grade three is going to be SO different from grade two, right?

Sure it will! It will be MORE fun, MORE exciting, and MORE interesting! Her nerves were gone, though, the minute she saw her buddies waiting for her at the playground. Everything was going to be just fine.

TJ is starting 4th grade. Actually, in her mind it’s even better – she gets to be in a grade 4/5 spilt! YES! I’m thrilled with this arrangement, too, as she is a smart cookie and I think it will be more challenging for her. She’s excited!

She scares me, sometimes, with how grown up she is becoming. I want to do as my mother always threatened and plop a big rock on her head to stop her from growing!

She was also glad to see her group of buddies waiting for her in the school yard. She was so cute, asking me “Do you think they’ll be excited to see me?”. Um… you could say that. They all shrieked and danced around the minute TJ showed up. Yeah, they were excited.

This is TJ’s new teacher. A teacher friend of mine said “She must be the best teacher in the school if she’s teaching a 4/5 split!” I sure hope that’s the case! First impressions were great ones- so fun and easy to smile. Love that. I know TJ will have a great year.

All settled in and ready to get to work. Best part? She was greeted at her desk by a gummi candy! What a sweet start to grade 4!

BB was disappointed that she didn’t get TJ’s old grade 3 teacher. BUT I can tell you that this teacher she has has a great reputation for being a nice, sweet, GREAT teacher. I know BB will love grade 3. And nothing could be better than having your best friend in your class with you!

So, there you have it – first day for my first 2! Now I get to look forward to two more first days! My camera is ready…. not sure if my heart is, though!

5 thoughts on “♪ It’s the most WONDERFUL time of the year! ♫

  1. I love the excitement that you captured for everyone…oh and yes….I caught the nervousness of it too. ; )…………..Cami was in a grade split for the last three years as well….with her being in the lower grade. TJ will love it! Cami did too.


  2. Such sweet cute kids! They are going to have a great year! Drew almost was in a second first split class and last minute they switched it. You will have to say how this works out because I was so against it, but I could be wrong.


  3. The photos of your beautiful girls brought back memories for me…as I went to that same elementary school! As always, you have captured the moment perfectly. Thanks for sharing them!


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