Giddy, Giddy, Giddy!

Hi everyone! I can’t tell you how nervous and excited I am to show you this. I’ve been working on a new set of actions that I’m SO excited to now be presenting. My Bobbi’s Boosts for Photoshop Set 2! (Okay, not so original a name, but all my creativity has been spent working on these actions!). Since about June I’ve been working on creating new actions that encompass even more of my most frequently used steps in photo editing as well as adding more creative touches. After fine tuning and lots of playing, I am happy to present:

Bobbi’s Boosts for Photoshop Set 2:

(these were each run on the original image with no tweaking, except for the selective color action)

You get:

Bobbi’s Booyah
Bobbi’s Selective Color
Bobbi’s Weathered
Bobbi’s Faded
Bobbi’s SUPER sharp!
Bobbi’s Gettin’ Warm
Bobbi’s Cool it!
Bobbi’s Ethereal
Bobbi’s Edge Fade
Bobbi’s Edge Burn
Bobbi’s See The Light

Here are a few samples where I’ve used these new actions:

This one I combined my weathered action with my selective color action to achieve this effect:
Here is just the selective color – you can imagine how many possibilities it holds!
Here I used my “Faded” action – it gives your photo a beautiful muted effect with a faded edge.
Here I used my “Booyah” action to add some added light, contrast, and saturation in one easy
This photo I used a combination of my weathered action and a texture I downloaded off the Internet. I love the effect of using textures with my weathered action!

My Ethereal action gives your photos a dream-like quality. It’s beautiful on some photos, but isn’t for every one. Here I ran it on this already nice photo of my husband walking along the beach.

The actions I use the most are the Super Sharp action – which defines and sharpens those flat looking photos. Using this tweakable action, I can fine tune the setting until it works with almost any photo. It’s amazing!

I’ve included an action called “Gettin’ Warm” for those photos that are too blue/gray. It adds instant sunshiny warmth to your photo! Conversely, I’ve include “Cool it!” for those photos that are too red/yellow for an instant cool down. Both are tweakable so you can achieve the effect you like.

If you often get photos that are slightly too dark, you can use my “See The Light” action to instantly brighten your photo in a natural looking way. It’s also tweakable.

And finally – an edge burn action and an edge fade action that you can find hundreds of uses for! These are very adjustable, as well, so the effect will look right with YOUR photo.

I’ve been working on this set for months and I just love it – like I said, I use these in all my post processing in one way or another.

These actions are NOT developed for Elements users and they have not been tested for Photoshop Elements. They will work in Photoshop 7.0, CS, CS2, and CS3. Please be sure you have a compatible program before purchasing as there are no refunds with this type of product.

You can purchase by clicking on the button on my side bar. I hope you love them like I do!

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