Howie’s Fit Club!

A good friend of mine and my husband’s has developed a great website where you can go to find out information on getting HEALTHY and FIT. He shares his successful weight loss journey along with his no nonsense tips to help YOU accomplish your fitness goals.

I am going to be using this resource in my own quest to get fit and lose some unwanted pounds. He is just a regular person who reached his weight loss goals and wants to share what he has discovered with the rest of us.

And when I love something, of course I have to share it with my blog friends!

So, take a second and pop by – you can ask your questions using the forum, watch some videos, and leave feeling encouraged and empowered in your own fitness goals! Let me know what YOU think!

One thought on “Howie’s Fit Club!

  1. Cool! I am going to be sending Dean to Rob's site. Dean is also working hard at losing some unwanted weight since being diagnosed with diabetes.


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