She at 3!

3 years of bliss, 3 years of funny expressions and “JJ”isms, 3 years of joy from our JJ. Usually I say how quickly time flies by, and it does, but it seems like JJ has been a part of our family forever. Maybe she has 🙂 She entered this world gently and good naturedly and she has remained that way… mostly.

Her sisters loved her right away….
…well, most of them did.
But seeing as she was such a happy baby, never crying (seriously, never) her sister, Bayboo, eventually conceded that she was sweeter than cupcakes…
… and they soon became the best of buds!

JJ is a smart one. We’ve been able to see it from day one. She always had a way of letting us know exactly what she was thinking from the expressions on her face. She knew how to work her eyebrows to express disgust, enjoyment, or confusion with alarming clarity! To me, she has always seemed as though she was working things out in her mind. Smart.

(This is her favorite look to throw at her father!)

She is cuddly one, which I love when I’m not in the middle of something. She is the youngest and tends to be more spoiled (I know, I know). She can manipulate our affections to her will….can you hear the evil laugh now? Mwahahahaha! She’s really sweet most of the time, easy going – UNLESS you deliberately cross her. Then she makes her opinion known.

It seems to me in the last month she has grown a year’s worth! She has her own ideas and can finally express them well. She is helpful when it’s on her own terms and she loves to be around mommy. She also can’t get enough playing with Bayboo, and BB. She especially loves playing with Barbies who seem to be in never-ending peril! She is quite imaginative and gets her dolls into all kinds of precarious situations. LOL! She also loves to pretend. Her favorite is to become a princess (as though she wasn’t one already!). She perpetually has a dress up dress on (or one of her church dresses if a “play” one isn’t handy).

(This photo was taken first thing Christmas morning – she was already in her dress up clothes.)

She is vocal. Whether singing, laughing, making jokes, or squealing her displeasure – you hear it. Loudly. She is not shy. Not a bit. Actually none of my kids are. I wonder if that’s just their spirits or if Lyndon and I have anything to do with it. I just don’t know. They are all out going, but none compare to my youngest two. JJ especially loves to try things ON HER OWN, thank you very much! Remember the hair-cutting incidents? I try not to.

JJ is a clown. She loves to make funny faces, tell jokes, and make silly sounds to get us all giggling. She is also our drama queen. Everything is over done. If she is sad you can almost hear the violins playing as she dramatically mopes and flings herself onto the couch with an audible sigh. She’ll be starring in a feature film one day, I’m sure of it!

We love our JJ. Our blondie, our goofy, our wonderful JJ. She makes our family complete, just like each of our girls do. It’s amazing how 4 girls, 4 sisters, are completely and in every way unique from each other. They each bring something the others don’t have. I love that about them!

So happy 3rd, JJ! You are so very loved, and such a big girl!

4 thoughts on “She at 3!

  1. I so enjoyed looking at your photos and reading your tribute to your sweet JJ. I hope that she had a very happy birthday. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos of JJ and her beautiful sisters. It put a big smile on my face.



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