Please Help!

I don’t ever do this.

But this is personal to me.

This is my friend, Penny. She lives in my ward and is an awesome wife and young mother of three. Fun, cute, sassy, and kind.

And she has cancer.

Her diagnosis is not good.

And she needs our help. Her good friend set up a blog that tells her story and offers a place for us to help by donating money to help pay for her treatments. To take an excerpt from her blog:

“In Spring of 2008,after having a seizure, Penny discovered she had a golf-ball sized malignant Astrocytoma – Grade IV tumor in her temporal lobe of her brain. She had surgery and it was removed. She then went to Saskatoon to expidite chemotherapy and radiation. In spite of best efforts the tumor re-occured. In January 2009 surgery was once again performed and once again they got it!

Penny followed up with monthly monitoring including MRIs. The MRIs were all clear up to July when it showed that a new tumor had grown and was significantly larger than the previous ones – in the frontal lobe. As if cancer is not enough, Penny had surgery on a slipped disc in her back on the 6th of August.

The bottom line is this: Penny’s prognosis is not good. The tumor is not operable. The doctors said that chemotherapy and radiation will have a 20% chance of slowing the tumor down. This simply is not good enough!

Penny has opted for an alternative treatment. It is called DCA – a treatment still in it’s infancy. There are clinical trials going on at the University of Alberta – but the only clinic offering treatment is a private clinic in Toronto. With choices limited Penny has decided to go this route. This clinic will set up treatments right in Regina.

Because Medicor is a private clinic – Health Canada cannot fund Penny’s treatment. This leaves their family harboring all the medical expenses themselves. You can imagine the difficulty of this situation.

This is where you, Penny’s friends come in. Join in Penny’s Fight! Perhaps you have been like so many wanting to help but not sure how – or feel that you live too far away. Well, now’s your chance. If you feel like you can, you can donate to help with medical and living expenses for Penny and her family. “

Can you help? Even $5? I know in these tough economic times it’s difficult to find any money to spare. So don’t DESPAIR if you can’t help financially. Even some cards in the mail would do a lot to cheer her up.

Please check out her blog at

ETA: When you click on the PayPal link, just enter this email address for her:

… and decide if it’s something you can help with.

If you do, pop by and let me know… I’ll enter your name into a draw for a giveaway I’ll be having. Just for fun 🙂 I really would love to see Penny getting some help, for her and for her family.

Thanks everyone! I know I can count on you!

3 thoughts on “Please Help!

  1. Hey Bobbi,

    No need to enter me in your draw. Please reserve that for anyone else wishing to enter.

    I just wanted you to know that my heart goes out to your friend and her family.

    We just recently found out this week that our niece also has a cancerous tumor in her stomach. She just recently had a baby a few months ago. She will undergo some surgery next Wed. She is so young. She is Cassie's age.

    Cancer affects SO many people in this world and yet it still shocks us all when we hear about one of our loved ones with it. It's like the breath is taken right out of your lungs.

    Thanks for posting this for your friend. You are an AWESOME woman!!! I truly pray that she will be able to receive the funds and help that she needs.


  2. Hey there,

    I just wanted to say thanks for passing on the word.

    I appreciate all you've done for Penny and her family. It's all the little things that people do that add up to make a huge difference.

    Thanks again,


  3. I click on the Paypal link and it wants me to put the email address is so I am not sure what to do! Let me know! Do not enter me, though! Just gald to help!


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