Sushi Night!

Our friend, and Bishop, Rob Howie organized a sushi class for us here in the city. I was just a tad hesitant because I don’t consider myself a fish lover. BUT who could pass up an opportunity to learn from the best AND sample a tonne of sushi? Not me!

Chef Jonas was a fantastic teacher. He made making sushi seem so simple (though I could never manage to roll mine as quickly or as neatly as he did!). He was a lot of fun, and the class was WELL worth the money – I ate sushi until I was totally stuffed!
This was him making his Saskatchewan Roll (sushi with bacon and maple soya sauce! SOOOOOOOO good – I cant even describe!)

I mean, who would have thought to add bacon to a sushi roll …. And who KNEW how scrumptious it would be?!

I have to put in a little note here. Raw fish tastes less like fish than cooked fish does. In fact, it doesn’t taste fishy at all! I decided quickly that I love raw fish much better than cooked. Its melt in your mouth deliciousness!

This was probably my favorite dish of the night:(sorry for the poor pictures – inside, cheap camera, flash – the whole bit). This was some Asian radish thinly sliced with salmon, finely chopped jalapeno peppers, and a spicy mayonnaise sauce poured over top. Oh heaven! This was so easy to make and tasted like something out of this world. I loved it!

And finally, something unique to Chef Jonas – his dessert sushi! (No fish involved here, folks)

It was soooo good. I loved it. And easy to make, too!

You can check out Chef Jonas website at Sushi Surfer to see some video of what he does, and if you have the chance, book a class with him! We had caviar, eel, and everything you can imagine. The best part was learning where to purchase everything, getting the recipes, and actually making all the sushi I could eat. I can’t wait to hold a sushi night at my place, now!

7 thoughts on “Sushi Night!

  1. I think we ALL (here at this house) have died and gone to Heaven. Me and the kids are TOTALLY nuts about sushi. You should see the reaction when I bring it home. Corey even has attempted to make it on his own. He's not bad at all.

    Can't wait to check out the link you gave us. Thanks!
    YOu lucky people you! : )


  2. Never tried sushi.. but those pics made me reconsider (probably doesn't help that I am starving!! right now) I think I would want an expert to teach and make it too tho so I feel obligated to try it and not hurt feelings 😉
    AND.. did you see your blog was on the verge of going french like mine did??? 😀


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