Am I Ignoring You?

No. I love you! 🙂

I have been busy, though.

I’ve been enjoying a couple of photoshoots since I’ve been back – A couple of cute little boys.

Like this little guy:

And this guy:

I think I’m FINALLY getting over my bronchitis, and Bayboo is over her pneumonia. Unfortunately, little JJ starting coughing last night. Grrr. Still, I won’t complain. Others have it MUCH MUCH worse.

What else, what else – Mostly back to the old grindstone. Cleaning, playing, cleaning after the playing, editing pics, cooking, playing a little more. How have we been playing?

Pioneer picnics (and I actually sewed the bonnets – which, the girls kept on for exactly .05 seconds):

Visits to our Temple gardens:

Eating the bounty from our vegetable garden:


Dinner with old friends:

Girl’s night with these awesome ladies:

And a fun trip to the science center!

We also went to see “UP” at the ‘cheap’ theater (which is NOT cheap anymore). Loved it. Cute flick.

I would love to be doing more outdoor, summery type things, if our weather would cooperate! We’ve had cloudy, windy days. Again, not complaining – others have it much worse. My parents are experiencing forest fires not far from where they live in BC, and my cousins in Alberta were hit hard by a severe hail storm! SHEESH! Crazy weather.

I do have a question, though. I’m itching to post a new tutorial. I want to know if you’re more interested in a photoshop tutorial (photo editing), or a photography tutorial? Just throwing it out there. Hope to hear from ya!

8 thoughts on “Am I Ignoring You?

  1. looks like you've had a great summer!
    tutorials I would be interested in are:
    1- editing in camera RAW
    2- using textures
    3- simple lighting set up for indoor “studio” pictures
    Thanks for all you have shared already!


  2. Kids health also has to cooperate for out door play. Don't forget that one. Glad you guys are on the ment. Cute kid number two reminds me of my Jo so much. What a happy guy. Great pictures.

    PS- mind sending me some of those yummy Peas? They look so good!!!!


  3. Photoshop Elements for me too. That would be my choice. Once I get a better camera I would love the photography one but for now the Photoshop Elements. Please.



  4. I don't have photoshop 😦 so photography tutorial is my preference.
    We've been waiting for up to come to the cheap theater here and it's still not. No fair that it's at yours. And I agree that they aren't really cheap. What happened to $2?


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