I had a great week – thanks in large part to these two:

I’m sure I’ve shared the story – how I grew up with K, hubby grew up with R and they met, fell in love, and were married shortly after we were. We never imagined our two best friends would marry each other! We just love these two and they have truly helped make our lives here happy.
They asked if I would do their family photos and I jumped at the chance! They have a gorgeous family of 8 – the two of them plus their 3 daughters and 3 sons!
We drove out to their gorgeous home and shot these in their spacious backyard.
The kids were PHENOMENALLY well behaved. I mean, really? 6 kids under 10 and they ALL were SO good. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Such a pleasure to photograph them.
I played around with some different vintage looks. I especially love it on these play structure shots! These kiddos actually sat and posed on their park! I mean, what kids are that good?? These ones!

This is their oldest – K. She was born just a couple of months before our TJ. They get along swimmingly. TJ adores K and looks up to her – and why not? She is such a good example for my kids AND her younger siblings.
This is R – he is sweet and very imaginative. A lot like my B. They are the same age, actually. It always astounds me at how well-mannered he is. Such a sweetheart!This is M, and Oh My Goodness – her eyes just kill me. She is a doll – such a sweet personality. She is funny and playful and adorable!
This is little man S and he is a fun-spirited, mischievous munchkin. He and my BB are so much alike it’s scary. Fearless and fun. He loves to explore and try things. And he is too darn cute for words.
This is little A, and I just love this gal. She is smart, sweet, and friendly. She and my JJ love to play and I can’t get over how adorable she is!
And this little guy is my bud, M. He and I go way back – like oh, 8 months or so. He loves to smile and LOVES to jump! He also loves his mommy, though he is friendly with everyone. He is going to be a lady killer one day!
I just love this family in every way. They are great examples of righteous living, kindness, charity, and good fun. We love you!

12 thoughts on “BFFs

  1. I love seeing big families like this- they are so cute. They make me not want to be done having kids… And how cool is that to hook up your best friends— talk about a good situation.


  2. I didn't realize that they had a large family. I thought they only had 3 or 4. That's so awesome that they were married and they were your guys' best friends. The kids are beautiful.


  3. You've captured them all (plus their personalities) just beautifully Bobbi!!!

    Hey, is R still the Bishop there?? How come we don't see any white hairs yet on his head? LOL!


  4. Sweet family and excellent photos! I'm so impressed that all 6 kids are looking in the direction of the camera! I was hoping you could share a secret with me on this (I will be photographing a family with 5 children ages 6 and under next month.) Was it in the genes? Love the playhouse shot. I can just picture the parents and kids, 10 or more years from now, looking back at that and treasuring it.


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