Autograph Book and More!

I know, right? 2 posts in one week? What is it about summer that makes me want to be outside rather than in here blogging? 🙂 I have been busy, though, crafting, scrapping, photographing, playing, serving – the usual (tee hee hee).

I have to share with you this super fun and fast project that I completely stole from Talia HERE. It’s a cute autograph book for my girls to take to school for their friends to sign. They LOVED them and have already filled up a few pages with notes from their best friends (funny how EACH person that signed B’s book said “You’re the very best friend I ever had, B!” LOL! I think they are super cute. I used several stamps and digital papers from Houseof3 (yes, it’s still my fav.)

Speaking of Houseof3 – I can’t WAIT to show you what else I’ve been working on (but shhhhh, I can’t share it until AFTER this weekend because I have a wonderfully supportive husband who reads his wife’s blog regularly). But let me tell ya – I love it! Stay tuned for pics soon!

In other news, the weather has FINALLY been warm here. Warm enough to pull out the sprinkler and play! The girls have been loving it, and I’m thrilled that I shampooed our carpets in time for them to tramp through with wet, grassy feet! But it’s worth the smiles, right?

And, and, and…. another shot from our garden. Our irises bloomed! Oh, these are one of my all-time favorite flowers, and our garden is now full of them. Few things make me happier than color, and our garden is finally bursting with it. Irises, yellow flowers kind of like lilies, pink peonies, and several other perennial flowers I have no clue what their names are. BUT they are pretty. I added a texture to this photo as well – check out this past tutorial if you’d like to know how.

And finally, a photo of my hunkster hubby and me – taken by TJ (my 9 year old) before church this Sunday. I’m pleased with it and it will work nicely with the project I’m working on!

That’s all for now. Sorry about the lack of tutorials. I’m still not sure what you all want to LEARN. I did figure out a kind of fun trick recently, though, that I might share soon. Stay tuned!

9 thoughts on “Autograph Book and More!

  1. Well, aren't YOU just the cutest thing ever?? What a wonderful picture!

    Your autograph books are cute as can be – I really need to dive in over at House of 3 and do something productive one of these days!!

    What a gorgeous back yard too! It looks like your own personal haven.



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