Songs of Summer!

It might not make sense to most, but ABBA songs make me think of summer. Why?

As a child we would vacation each year in BC, which was an 8 hour drive from our house. We would all cram into our silver Chrysler with red interior, get out the snacks, and pop in our Abba Voulez-vous 8-track to listen to (it was either that or Ronnie Milsap the whole way – which wasn’t always a bad thing – YOU ROCK, RONNIE!).

I would kneel facing the back window (no seat belt laws back then), lean my head on the back dash and make up my own stories that went along with each ABBA song as I watched the prairies slowly turn into Mountains as we traveled. I especially loved this song:

It made such an impact on me that I even sang this as a lullaby for each of my girls. Cheesy? Maybe. But it has meaning for me. It takes me back to my childhood summers, and carefree days!

Abba will forever make me think of summer!!!

What’s your summer song?

7 thoughts on “Songs of Summer!

  1. I Love ♥ LOVE ABBA!!! I love their best hits CD! And when Mama Mia came out it just made me love them more!


    Great photo montage.. The pictures and memories that go with them are awesome! Thanks for sharing.


  2. mine is travelling the opposite way- to Ab from BC listening to Neil Diamond and Elvis Presley. I still love to rock it to ABBA tho! Hey we just had a ward dance and I ROCKED the YMCA on stage just for you!


  3. “Cruel Summer”from the Karate Kid when he's hitting the soccer ball from knee to knee to impress the girl. LOL. Good times. We used to love that movie. Cute post Bobbi.


  4. LOVED this post! Your mom always looks SO great, eh?

    This post reminds me of the one and only family trip my family took. It was in the big old green van…..hmmm….it suddenly occurred to me that I am more like my parents than I thought….an 8 track tape of John Denver's, and my dad singing at the top of his lungs (and of course we chimed in by the time the trip was over…we had ALL memorized that tape word for word) all through the dessert, the mountains, the prairies, all the way to california and back again.

    Every time I hear, Rocky mountain High, or grandma's feather bed, Thank God I am a country boy (although shocked that DAD would allow us to say “Thank God”) or Take me home Country Roads….oh I could go on FOREVER!…..but this post SURE reminded me of that trip and THAT 8 track tape.

    Good times. : D


  5. ABBA brings back great childhood memories too. We loved to dance and sing to those records.
    Love the pictures. That bike picture is the best! lol.


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