Frayed flowers

I’m in love with these little babies!! FIRST I was inspired by Joanne’s GORGEOUS Posy pins (which are SUPER DUPER cute, but I can’t seem to duplicate – ahem, tutorial please??) then I hopped over to Tip Junkie to see THIS great tutorial from Maize in Montana on these UBER simple frayed flowers – I’m talking, like 10 minutes to make.

Now I’ve got one of these babies pinned to my cute yellow purse (courtesy of Miss Simply B) and have received much complimentos! (and I’ve passed a few interested readers on to your blog, girl!)

… and I even stuck one in my hair! (but only for the picture – seriously, I can’t possibly make myself cuter for the public!).
Oh, and I found it quite loverly to pin one to my hat to show off my shabby chic side 😉
Yep – I’m lovin’ these. Now I need to go off to buy some headbands to attach a couple to, (or barrettes) and who knows what other uses I’ll find for them??

8 thoughts on “Frayed flowers

  1. those are way cute. I’ll find that link for you ( I have been meaning to do it for weeks now, sorry!). i love the shabby chic accessories. you bobbi j’ed something fabulous!!!


  2. So cute! And it sparks the imagination too. I can think of tons of ways to use them—on baby clothes, on summer hats…thanks for showing these!


  3. ooohh, super-cuteness! i'm all about flowers, yes i am!!

    i am behind on your blog…it's a miracle when i make it to the computer these days. you always have such fun stuff going on, girl!!



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