365 updated and lil ol’ me.

Yes, I updated *a* blog – just not this one. But, if you want all of the nitty gritty details of what’s been happening in my life this past month – you can check out my project 365 blog. I know you wanna!
Oooh, and I am finally STARTING to see some results from all of my workouts. Slow going. Do you find that? BUT surprisingly, I’m not giving up. I’m gonna keep at it! I had my hubby snap this pic of me before one of my girls night’s and though I’m not where I want to be – I actually could see some results happening. It’s encouraging!

P.S. – THANK to my SIL for the way cute shirt! She is pretty much clothing me (or will be once I get down to HER ‘before’ weight – ha!)

11 thoughts on “365 updated and lil ol’ me.

  1. Dang you’re looking good. Lyndon let you go out with the girls hey? I’m sure he really wanted to keep you home and all to himself!


  2. Definately correct to title this “lil’ol’me” as you are looking amazing. You are really photogenic and those workouts are absolutely paying off!! Way to go!


  3. You look amazing! I lost 40 pounds two years ago and I can attest it was slow going and sometimes discouraging but I think going slow was better because I have kept it all off. Of course I wish I could loose more but I a, just happy I lost the healthy way and have made it a life change not a fade diet.

    So keep on going, its so worth it. I am healthier than I ever was. More fit and I can run and play and hike without fatigue. I don’t feel held back by anything.


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