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Hi everyone – since I’m a total blog loser lately, I thought I’d help my friend Crissie at out with her goal – please read below and see if YOU can help! Sounds awesome!

“My absolute FAVORITE photography resource,, is offering a 10% off code for new members… I have honestly learned everything I need to know about photography by joining this amazing group. I’ve been a member for more than a year and their LOW subscription fee of $6 a month is the best investment I’ve made. Even with our finances as tight as they are, this is something I’m not parting with, simply because I learn SO much by reading through their forums.

clickin' Moms

I hope that you’ll stop by and read what they’re all about and then consider joining me there! Don’t forget to enter the code FRIEND at checkout to receive your 10% discount. One more thing, be sure to visit the site through the “Rock Your Camera” link above so that my Clickin Moms account is credited with your visit.

A little bit of shameless puppy-dog eyed begging here… They’re running a contest through the middle of June and I’m trying SO hard to reach my goal of 500 new members, which would earn me a new Canon Mark 5 and a slew of amazing gift cards which would be a HUGE blessing to our family. Of course, I would promptly trade the Canon for a new Nikon!!!!! Even if you’re not interested in joining, if you’re able to pass along the link and help me reach my goal, I would be forever indebted.


So, if you want to check out this Clickinmom’s site, go sign up and help out a friend at the same time! Good luck, Crissie!!

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