Mojo missing?

It’s official, friends. My mojo is missing. Have you seen it? It’s very exciting and pretty. Kind of frilly, even. If you’ve seen it, please tell it I’ve been missing it, and I’d appreciate it if it would kindly make it’s way back HERE.

In the mean time… here are a couple of shots from the latest photo shoot. I really loved this one – I mean, this entire family were a delight, and that baby – squishy goodness!! He was so good and let us torture him in a lot of ways 🙂 It was a good one. I’ve had steady photoshoots (1-2 a week) and I feel like I’ve been drowning in proofs! Welcome to portrait season! Anyway, enjoy the latest:

Yep. squishy, squishy. The whole family are pretty good lookin’, though!
And their lovely daughter was such a beauty.
….and this one is just for fun 🙂

By the way – I hear that leaving comments often lures back the elusive mojo. Just a rumor. 🙂

16 thoughts on “Mojo missing?

  1. Your mojo must be on vacation with mine. Hope they get tired of those sandy beaches and return soon because I’m having a hard time without mine too.


  2. i hear shopping is a great mojojeuvenator. buy yourself something new in whatever department your mojo is lacking. lacking crafty, scrappy mojo? buy a new crafty,scrappy product. lacking in culinary mojo? buy a new kitchen product. lacking in bedroom mojo? hit up victoria’s secret. the only place this doesn’t work is if you are lacking in mommy-mojo. then you reverse the formula and sell a kid.

    beautiful pictures.


  3. I am so with you on the blogging mojo thing. I have zero ambition to blog lately 😉

    Great photos of the family. Can’t wait to see the others you’ve been working on!


  4. ahhh Im sorry to miss commenting on this blog. that baby is so squishalicious and that big sister is adorable! find your mojo soon because I need to Bobbi j something soon! ( hopefully with you by my side!!)


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