I’m Spillin’ the Beans!

Ah…. it seems so long ago I tweeted about something so very exciting, so thrilling, that I could barely contain myself. Well, I can contain no longer. I’m spilling the ever-exciting beans for you, my faithful (few) readers and I HOPE you aren’t disappointed ’cause though it may not have you dancing around the room, it had ME doing the jig, which is pretty amazing since I’m not quite sure what a jig is.

You have heard me mention one of my favorite creative spots in the blogosphere – Houseof3 – once or twice (okay, a little more than that). Well, a while ago they launched a fun product line called the Housewarming line. I fell in love with it! I loved the colors, the embellishments, and the design, but mostly I fell in love with the IDEA of exploring what it is that makes MY house a home. I mentioned it a while back in a blog entry.

Anyhoo, Houseof3 posted a contest where you can enter your housewarming book to win a fabulous gift certificate to houseof3.com! Of course I was all over that! I sent in a few shots of my book and waited with crossed fingers!

I was beyond thrilled when I got an email from the AWESOME Janet Hopkins who informed me that my project was chosen as the runner up! WAHOO! AND I won a $25 gift certificate to the site, which I promptly spent. YOWSERS! Love it. I was beyond shocked, but thrilled that out of all the fabulous entries, my humble little book would have won a prize at all. You can see where they posted about it HERE.

So, there you have it. Dancing around the room, yet? Yeah, didn’t think so – but that’s okay. I did enough dancing for everyone!

16 thoughts on “I’m Spillin’ the Beans!

  1. So I wasn’t far off of being right. I thought you had a page published or something, this is just about the same. I’m not shocked to hear you were runner up, your book is awesome. I’m just floored you aren’t winning left right and center with all the awesome pages you put together!


  2. WAY TO GO BOBBI!!!!
    I also love that site ans have wanted to purchase that item. I am waiting until next year when I am in a house that I actually want to call home.
    Yours is wonderful. I am so happy for you.


  3. Hey!
    Lately I’ve been reliving some of my fondest memories of Canada, and top of the list seems to be banana cream pie. Go figure. Do you have a good recipe for it? You can’t find it over here.


  4. Your book is awsome! no wonder it gave you a prize 🙂 And yeah, I one of your secret blogreaders, coming into light just in hope it’ll get you out of any bad mojos. Your work is awsome, and I’ve been an admirer for quite a wjhile 🙂 You rock, girl 🙂


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