Key to my heart

I’m kind of fond of this guy. Not sure if I’ve made it clear enough 🙂 Funny what 10 days apart can do to an already strong relationship. I miss him – and not the things I really expected to miss. I miss the sound of the shower running much too early in the morning. I miss the smooth sound of his happy laugh (mostly laughing at his own jokes… he he). I miss how he tucks the kids in bed so I can soak in a hot tub at the end of a long day. I miss the feeling of waiting for him to walk through the door at 5:30pm. I even miss things like his GRATITUDE for the meals I make. I’m still making the same types of meals, meats, veggies, salads etc. but the kids just don’t care. It’s him being here that kind of makes it worth all the work, you know? Anyway, I miss him – in a lot of ways 🙂

Yep, my hubby holds the key to my heart. I was excited to use some Tim Holtz stuff to make a page documenting the man in my life. I had fun playing with it! I used some of his crackled paint on the tag (though I ended up covering most of it up with the photos) and his distress ink to rough up the tag. The word key is also Tim Holtz – which I LOVE.
I also tried grunge board for the first time…and I’m in LOVE~! It’s so PLIABLE, and you can really do anything to this stuff and it stays together. It’s awesome! I loved these grunge board hinges from his harlequin elements pack. This is not my usual style, but I had a GREAT time playing! I’m not usually a “grungy” scrapbooker – but I might be converted 😉

……’s to only 2 more sleeps!

9 thoughts on “Key to my heart

  1. I love that page! I’ve been wanting to try out some grunge board, too. It looks like fun stuff.

    Hopefully the last 2 sleeps fly by fast! 🙂


  2. I think that is your best layout to date!( the subject is pretty darn fabo too) and hey girl USE THAT GRUNGEBOARD- whatever makes you feel “naughty” works for me!!!!


  3. Joanne does have a tendency to like to feel naughty.. I wouldn’t follow her advice ALL the time. BUT I must admit – lovin’ the page. Lovin’ the pic of the guy who takes up the page!!


  4. this totally made my heart happy!
    what an awesome LO I am not much of a grung girl either but this works for me! I love it!
    well done


  5. I am excited for you, just reading how excited you are! LOL!
    I can SO relate. Only in reverse. I am the one that just got back into town. It feels SO good to be home again…..well…..minus the long list of things that piled up while I was gone…..but hey……my hubby missed me all the more cause of it. ; )

    Here’s to 2 more days.

    Love the “grunge” look totally in scrap booking. I know….who knew, eh?


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