Tunes on Tuesday

A good friend introduced me to some great new music, and while listening to THAT I also came across a couple of other great songs, too! I’m a huge music lover and I have to pass long the great finds to you!

Josh Kelley – wow. Uber wow. Love this guy. Ignore the bad video, and listen to this sound. He has some awesome songs – this is just one I like.

Enjoy! And let me in on some of your favorite music finds!

2 thoughts on “Tunes on Tuesday

  1. Is there some connection here? Good male vocalists must have names that start with J? And I can totally appreciate a man with a great voice. It’s a good thing I can control myself or I’d spend way too much money on music. It’s a weakness I tell ya!


  2. someone referred me to your blog for photo tips. if you see like a thousand hits from my blog lately, it’s because i just got elements and am constantly referring to your tutorials. you are amazing.

    funny thing, i just started a feature on my blog called “tunesday” because i’m such a music freak. so now not only do i appreciate your photo tips, but your music recommendations as well.

    good stuff.


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