A friend, indeed!

Just to get this out of the way – I still miss my hubby. Lots. First thing’s first, afterall. Okay, moving on…

Do you ever just thank your lucky stars for a certain someone in your life? I do from time to time. In my case, I have a certain FAMILY in my life that I adore and who were kind enough to invite me and my girls over to dinner (and some wonderful adult conversation) while my husband is away. Oh, I may have mentioned the “H’ family once, or twice, or TONNES, but they are truly some of our very best friends, and also some of the most Christlike people I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. I mean, who has the wheaties to invite 5 extra mouths over for dinner? These folks, that’s who!

We had a marvelous spaghetti dinner, including Ketrisse’s now-famous-or-ought-to-be-famous garlic bread (seriously, just about does me in) and I even snuck in a few cuddles with their newest addition, Makea. He’s SUCH a doll!
Anyhoo, after dinner and lots of chatting (mostly by me – who was feeling deprived of said adult conversation) I was admiring Ketrisse and her baby, Makea, playing, cuddling, laughing. I had to snap a few shots of them together.

And who could resist such mesmerizing blue eyes, anyway?? I…..can’t….look…..away!
It was nice to have an excuse to get out of the house, have a change of scenery, and keep my mind busy for a few extra hours. It was just the right medicine for this hubby sick girl. Actually, he’s got 5 girls who are missing him…..

Just one more week….. *sigh*

9 thoughts on “A friend, indeed!

  1. Hugs Bobbi!

    Gorgeous pics. I love the one of the 5 of you & I am absolutely sure that your hubby is missing you all more since he is the one away in a different country away from his wonderful family!


  2. Lyndon must have loved getting that picture of you girls in an email. I’m just glad you’ve got someone looking out for you while your hubby is gone (and missing you I’m certain).


  3. Adorable pictures all around. Those blue eyes are hard to look away from.. lucky little guy. And I bet when your hubby sees that cute picture of his girls at home he will shed a tear or two himself! (after he finishes basking in the sun of course)


  4. I love that picture of you and your girls. Lyndon is so lucky to have you. I hope he brings you back something good. Mothers day is coming up you know.


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