Viva Brazil!

Today was the day. My handsome hubby left me. No, not for good (hopefully) just for a 10 day trip to Brazil with his Executive MBA class. He has many grand adventures awaiting him – tours of several businesses and other… like stuff. Oh, I’m sure he’ll have some free time while he’s there to hang on the beach, sipping some virgin drinks, checkin’ out the….scenery 🙂 Actually, it doesn’t sound like they’ll have much free time, and he’ll be spending most of it updating their class blog (check it out!)- and I’ll spend all of my free time hovering over the computer to wait for said updates. He’s been gone for 7 hours and already I’m missing him uncontrollably. Just between you, me, and whoever else is still reading at this point – we’ve never been apart for more than 3 or 4 days since we’ve been married. So, I’m wallowing in self-pity. I hope to keep too busy to wallow much, though. Besides, absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?

We went with him to the airport to drop him off. I brought my camera because it’s a great object to hide my teary eyes behind. Thankfully the pictures turned out clear, even if my eyes were blurry.
We couldn’t pass up a quick pic with Mr. Moose. My very observant 4 year old was sure to point out that he wasn’t a real moose. Whoa. It was a shock to be sure. I was pretty sure he was real. I still think he kinda is….
Trying to kill some time…watching the airplanes board and the little guys driving those funky carts around. Can you guess how I acheived this silhouette look? Did you read my last post? 😉

The girls liked watching the planes – oblivious that they are supposed to have been bawling their little eyes out at the thought of being home alone with mom for 10 days. Oh, the horror!! 😉

Soon the time was drawing near for him to board. Many hugs were given. And I did not cry, or blubber, or lose it. Really. At least, not too badly. And not in front of him. Much. I’m a big girl and this is no big deal. We’ll all be fine. Seriously. Wah!
…and then he was gone. I missed him the moment he was out of my sight. Who am I kidding, I missed him before that. We have both been leaning on one another a lot lately, and have opened up to one another in a very deep way through the last few weeks. I’m going to miss that for the next ten days…He’d better email me….a lot…. a super duper lot!

10 thoughts on “Viva Brazil!

  1. Awesome post. You got me all teary eyed!

    Lyndon looks VERY handsome in his traveling duds. Nice!

    The picture you captured of the girls hugging him, won my heart. So sweet.

    You’ll be okay Bobbi! He’ll be back before you know it! Thank goodness we aren’t pioneers! It would take him months to arrive there and twice that long…maybe even a year before you received his letter stating that he arrived. : S Okay…I know…not helping….but I’m trying. ; ) I can certainly relate to hardly ever spending a night apart. I think it’s been only 6 nights in the 22 years of our marriage.

    Hang in there and have fun watching all that he gets to do while over there on his blog. Now that is SO cool!!!

    P.S. Had to chuckle at the name tag. Isn’t that what was required in grade school when we went on field trips? LOL! Too cute.


  2. Having a husband MIA sucks… I have mine go for 6 weeks at a time sometimes! blah… You’ll get through, if you have web cams use skype, thats what we do! then they can see you and you can see them. Helps with the missing part! Good luck!


  3. ♥ i love these photos! I love the way that you take crooked photos and they look fantastic. i try to take a crooked one and it looks not so very great! I love the look but my delivery isn't there!!! 🙂


  4. You hope to keep too busy to wallow??…. I’m sorry how many kids did you say you have??!
    Stack his side of the bed with pillows, in a strange way it kinda helps.


  5. Why Brazil – how exciting & wonderful.

    You are going to be one busy Mommy for 10 days.

    I know what it's like to miss your spouse – but, 10 days will fly by quickly.

    I love the first pic of Lyndon!

    Have fun.


  6. So, I have never met your husband and feel a tad bit bold in admitting that that first picture he is looking tres hot and studly! I can understand how you could miss him 😉
    I have a sneaky suspicion that you and the girls are going to make out pretty fine while he is away. Viva Brazil!!


  7. Aw, the first time my dh left out of town, we cried a lot, too. Coarse, it was for 15 days and I had a 2 month old and was still a little post pardum hormonal. Hope the ten days FLIES for you!


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