Happy Things Vol. 2

Conference. It’s a happy thing. I never walk away from a Conference session without feeling rejuvenated, encouraged, and taught. It never fails! From the Saturday morning session, I was especially touched by Pres. Eyring’s talk. Though, I always am. He is so humble, so genuine, I just love him. I noticed an emphasis on Provident Living and staying (or getting) out of debt (wasn’t Elder Hales’ talk awesome?). For years now the prophets have counselled us to live within our means, prophesying of stormy weather ahead. I appreciate SO MUCH having a living prophet and apostles who lead and direct The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It gives me such a sense of peace.

I also loved (and learned a lot) from the talk on Reverence given by the General Primary president (I can’t remember her name – SORRY!). I commit to being more reverent in the ways she suggested, and to be a better example for my children.

And a new apostle! YAY! Elder Neil Linden Anderson – we welcome you, pray for you, and support you in this new responsiblity! How exciting! I can NOT wait for this afternoon’s session. Click HERE to watch, too!More happy things! I finally dove in and cut out this fun image out of vinyl for my basement family room wall – along with one of my favorite mottos 🙂 I love how it looks and it certainly makes me happy – especially to look at it while I’m walking on the treadmill 🙂
Happy thing #3 – flowers! These beauties were brought as a complete surprise by my friend, Ailyn, who is SO AWESOME and SO THOUGHTFUL! WHY did she bring me these beauties? Because she heard I was having a hard week, and just wanted to brighten my day. It took me so much by surprise, I didn’t know what to say. Ailyn, can I be like you when I grow up??

Happy thing #4 – friends and family. I’ve been riding a bit of an emotional rollercoaster lately – thinking one thing, feeling another, knowing something else, questioning this or that. How wonderful it is for good friends who care, family who loves, and some gems who are BOTH! (Hi Joanne! I LOVE our chat, girl! I miss you!).

I’m grateful for my SIL, who I love so, so much and my heart is with her during this tough transition in her life. I feel like we’ve become closer over the past few months, and I miss her, and her little family, very accutely right now. (okay, don’t judge me by the picture – okay? I thought she was making a funny face, too. I guess I didn’t get the memo).

I love my husband who is struggling through the end of semester work, and providing for his family – and manages to shower love and joy upon his wife and his children. He is precious to me.

And STAY TUNED for my happy news – NO I’m not pregnant! LOL! WHY is that always the assumption with me? It’s not a huge deal to everyone else, but to ME – it makes me SO happy. I have to wait for it to be posted on another site before I spill the beans, but when it does, you’ll be the….second to know 🙂

5 thoughts on “Happy Things Vol. 2

  1. I’m sorry you’ve had one of those weeks. Wish I could give you a hug.Good news? Did you get a layout published or something?


  2. i’m feeling very emotional right now and thank you for this post. I mean it ( and not just about me!!!). you are wonderful Bobbijo and I’m thrilled to call you my sister!!!


  3. Oh Bobbi, so much on your plate. I know lots of your dear old friends don’t live here but I’m here. I would love to talk. My shoulder is yours to cry on any time you want.Oh and I totally love the motto. Actually I should thank you. Ever since you tagged me for 7 things I love I have been feeling very greatful for everything I have. (except my house. I still pray for a nicer house)


  4. I am SO glad that you have such wonderful friends and family to rally around you at a moments notice through ANY emotional roller coaster. We ALL need that for sure!I too LOVED conference. It’s funny how you picked out the things that stood out for me as well. OF course, I was CHEERING during the provident living talk. LOL! I think my Stake President would expect me to be, as I am the Stake Provident Living Specialist, after all.I think the the vinyl on your wall is BEAUTIFUL! I have been thinking about putting a LARGE vinyl tree on my kitchen wall for a long time and I still am struggling with what color to go with. My wall is chocolate brown. But I don’t want the Vinyl too be TOO out there. You know what I mean? I wish my wall was a different color so I could GO with Choc. Vinyl. That looks awesome!


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