Queen of Amazing

..according to Simply B, and who am I to argue? 😉 I mean, B is usually right on the money about these things.

Now I get the wonderful job to tell you 7 things I love (besides the obvious family, friends, and faith). I’m not getting paid for this, and 7 is my limit of what I’ll do for free 🙂

1. Music. Music when I clean, music when I scrapbook, music when I walk, drive, sit, cry, laugh, reminisce. Music always. I love all kinds – a little bit ‘o’ rock, a bit of jazz, a tad of Alternative, a dash of Pop, some inspirational, hip hop, classical, … well, you get the idea 🙂 It helps me feel things I don’t feel otherwise. Oh, and I love singing it, playing it on the piano, dancing to it… I could go on, but then I’d have to get paid.

2. Food. Making it, eating it (especially eating it). The food I love most is mashed potatoes with real butter, fresh salsa, cheesecake, chocolate, and Thai, Vietnamese, and Chinese food. Maybe I should have been born in Asia?

3. Photography (shocker, right?). I love capturing moments that last. I love seeing that image pop up on my screen and get all giddy when I’ve nailed the exposure and the composition. Love it!

4. Color. I love color. I want to be surrounded by it. I love new color combinations, colors that make me feel light and joyful. I’ve even ventured in to wearing more color lately – my mom just about died of shock.

5. Movies. It’s my way of forgetting about the craziness of the day and just escaping into fantasy. My favorite types of movies are the big-budget, crash ’em up, huge effects, crazy pace kind of flicks. Transformers 2 is coming out – CAN’T WAIT!!!!

6. Organizing. I love it in all it’s glory. I’ll organize anything, anywhere, anytime. My house, my photos on the computer, my thoughts. Lists are my super-duper friend while organizing, and I get so much satisfaction from a well organized space. It clears my head and helps me relax.

7. Computers. I have recently realized that if I could find a job where I do nothing but play creatively on the computer and get paid for it, I’d probably be pretty happy! Maybe when the kids are grown and I’m not busy anymore…. (ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha)

So, that’s it! Oh, yes. I get to pass along the award to a few unsuspecting victims. Mwaahahahahaha. I guess this part actually constitutes the eight part of this job, so I expect a nice fat cheque in the mail from the recipients of this award that I will now mention:

Juliette – Why? ’cause she’s my SIL, I miss her, and I expect her to mention me in her 7 (ha ha)

Debbi – Because she always cracks me up, and she’s one of the most real people I’ve ever known. Besides, she needs more to write about – her life is so boring 😉


Ailyn – ’cause she’s my girl and she needs to UPDATE HER BLOG to feed my addiction!

2 thoughts on “Queen of Amazing

  1. YAY for the award, lovey! You are simply awesome, as Simply B suggests. You’re right. My life is monotonous and boring, and I CRAVE reasons to blog! 😉 well, at least, rated G ones! lol(word verification: VANIEST. As in, the most vain person because she gets given a blog award and told that she’s real and funny. See also Debbi.)


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