Chubby Times Ten!

The day after my niece’s wedding, I got to photograph my other niece’s baby, A, who is – believe it or not – 5 months old! Yes, she is a big, happy, ball of baby. LOL! Such a cutie patootie!

Phew! Now I can leave photo editing alone for a while and concentrate on cleaning the house that has gone to pot this week. I’m not sad, though. What else is there to do when it’s -45 degrees outside??

7 thoughts on “Chubby Times Ten!

  1. I love your photos. You have a awesome talent.I just have one quick question. How do you deal with the lighting in the gym of the church? I have a hard time getting my pictures to turn out with good coloring in the gym. Thanks


  2. HOLY MOLY I love those rolls! My babes were all small and long– rolls didn’t happen to them, just to me! Rotten. But very very good photography, BobbiJo!


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