Is it weird to adore another woman? Well, she’s my cousin through marriage, so you can adore family, right? After we took a bunch of fun pics during Joanne’s visit I couldn’t WAIT to get started scrapbooking them. Not to mention I was itching to use some of the cute new product I picked up during our visit to the scrapbook store. All I needed was some inspiration, and I found it on Talia’s blog HERE – I mean, what a GORGEOUS layout she did. Please, don’t be judging me on my much less perfect and adorable pages. I’m not quite Talia quality…yet 🙂

So, I got to work creating these two layouts that, I think, capture the fun we had together. I really love the photos in black and white (which also makes picking colors much easier).

Now I’ve got to get packing! It’s off to another Province to see (and photograph) my cute niece’s wedding! YAY! I can’t even express how nervous I am about photographing this wedding. One, because she’s my niece. Two, because it flippin’ February out there! Brrrrr! I’m a little unsure of where these photos are going to take place. I want a few of them outside the temple, but we can’t last in the cold too long, and we’ve still got family pics to take. We’ll have to figure it out, though. I’m just a planner – like and OCD kind of planner. I hate just flying by the seat of my pants (WHAT does that even mean, anyway?). I’ll be posting again in a few days, but wish me luck (and a few prayers wouldn’t hurt).

9 thoughts on “Adore

  1. Great layout Bobbi! & really do you really want to be Talia??? I think you just want to be Bobbi who rocks the scrapbooking world in her own very unique style.Have a great safe, trip. Happy photo taking.


  2. You are UNIQUELY YOU! That’s what I love about you.Awesome layouts. Have fun on your business trip….don’t you just LOVE saying that? LOL! What a smart career woman you are. Have fun!


  3. The scrapped pages now make me “wish I was there”!!! They look great.And I know I don’t really know you (minus Joanne’s gushing) but I have been priviledged to see your work in lots of different places and I just have a feeling the wedding pictures (chilly or not!) are going to be amazing!


  4. wow those are beautiful and the subjects in the photos are ‘beautiful” ( insert song here !) Good luck at the wedding they WILL be fabulous because YOU are Bobbi JO!!!( and remember you are a VERB now)


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