I’m a VERB!!

YAY! I can cross one item off my bucket list. That is – to become a verb. And, thanks to my beautiful friend/cousin-in-law, JOANNE, it’s official. She totally Bobbi-J’d an old DQ box. And did and awesome job, too.

Does this mean to “Bobbi-J” something is to alter it? Hmmmmm…..

Have you Bobbi-J’d anything lately??


5 thoughts on “I’m a VERB!!

  1. Come on girl. You know half the world has Bobbi-J’ed something in their life. You get full credit for that. As for the other half, I think they are craft retards like me. I can sew, but craft? That includes glue, and paper, and things I just don’t know a thing about. People like me leave it up to the pro’s like you.


  2. I was talking with the gals at playgroup and I said I was going to make you a verb this weekend- that to be “crafty” in any sort of way was to Bobbi J it! so there you are , congratulations , let’s write a letter to Websters together this weekend!


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