A Bio of Bayboo

What a weeks it’s been for our poor little Bayboo. And WHAT a surprise for me! The week started out quietly – more of the same old, same old. Laundry – check. Clean house – check. Check homework – check check! The only excitement I was looking forward to were my two youngests’ immunizations on Thursday. This didn’t excite me. Not because I don’t believe in immunizations, because I’m one of the crazy mom’s who DOES think they are a good idea. However, the last time I took 2 kids in at the same to get shots done, one left with an dislocated elbow. Good times – or not.

I’m also not one of those moms who tricks their children into believing we’re going to the candy store, instead of the doctor. I told my girls (ages 4 and 2) exactly where we’d be going, and what was going to happen. I explained that it would be a little poke and then it would be over. I am, however, one of those moms who find joy in bribing her kids with promises of a trip to said candy store to pick out whatever treat they want after they are so brave at the doctors. Those booster shots HURT!

Okay, so we get to the doctors office, the kids play happily in the germ infested pile of toys, and I wonder “How long will those smiles last before the shrieking in terror begins?”. The nurse calls my Bayboo’s and JJ’s names and they skip happily into the office. I did tell them what was going to happen, right? Okay.

The nurse explains what immunizations they’ll receive and what effect it will have on them (because I must have missed it the first dozen times I’ve done this after 4 kids). Then, she tells me that in Saskatchewan, they like to check the kids’ hearing at their 4 year immunizations. Cool. So, Bayboo gets to sit in this fun chair with the ginormous earphones on. “The ones I wore in Uncle Devon’s plane!” she says excitedly. Then she gets to raise her hand whenever she hears the beep. Thankfully, she heard every beep. Note to self – say a prayer of gratitude for the blessing of being able to hear!
Then comes the shots. Now, Bayboo needed two shots, JJ needed three. Bayboo went first to show JJ how brave she could be. She sat on my knee and the nurse asked her what her favorite animal is. She said “Horses”. “Now, close your eyes, and we’ll count horses! One horse, two horses…” and the first shot is done. NO tears, not even a peep! WOW! “But now,” I think “she knows what’s coming”. I change her to her other side, and we count horses again “One, two..” and the second shot is done! Again, no tears! I really couldn’t believe it! What a brave little monkey!

JJ’s shots went just as smoothly, even though she needed three AND there was NO WAY she was closing her eyes. She looked right at those needles going in, one after the other, then looked up at me with this angry look and said (during the last one) “OW!”. That was it. No tears, no shrieks of terror. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Okay, wow. I completely underestimated these two.

The only tears we had was when we were leaving, JJ and Bayboo fought over who could use the water fountain first which, in girl land, means tears. Ugh! Whatever – those tears I can handle.

The NEXT DAY, we get a call from the dentist saying a spot has opened up for Bayboo if we wanted to bring her in. I noticed she had a cavity in her back molar, and it was going to take a couple of weeks to get her in, so I leapt at the chance to bring her in during a cancellation. However, the poor kid JUST had immunizations the day before. How many more needles should I make the poor child suffer through this week? The thought of the pain a cavity might cause, though, helped me make up my mind. I brought her in.
The dentist was young, probably expecting the worst from this tiny babe. She didn’t even move a muscle as he put the needle in her mouth (shudder). Or as he drilled her little tooth to bits, or filled it. He told me afterwards that she was literally the best patient he had all week. He couldn’t believe how well she did. He let her pick out a prize from the prize drawer – a lollipop! WHAT? “Should dentists carry candy in their prize box?” I asked, thinking that it’s a clever way to get return customers. “Sugar-free, mom” he said with a wink. Okay. Good enough.

Poor kid couldn’t eat anything for lunch (frozen mouth) so daddy brought her a big vanilla milkshake. YUMMO! So proud of this kid.

To make things worse, Saturday night, as we were all sitting around watching “City of Ember”, she looks up at me and says “My tummy hurts!” I said, as I always do, “Well, go get a bowl and come lay down.” Not five minutes had passed before she puked up her supper. Of course. Like this kid needs more to deal with. *sigh*. But, she forever has a smile on her little face. Amazing. She is the happiest kid I’ve met. Truly. I just hope that she doesn’t have one more thing to deal with for at least a month. I think that’s fair, right?

On a lighter note – more scrapbooking! YAY! I saw this first idea in a magazine ages ago and knew my kids would present me with plenty of opportunities to recreate it. I happened this past week. Now, their room looks like this most every day – and they clean it up every day before bed (usually). But, I had to take the chance to just snap a picture. Hey, this is our life!

I saw a fun page online somewhere that had this neat circle design on it. I don’t have a decent scrapbook store here where I can buy the latest and greatest, but I had a brainstorm of how to recreate it. I took a dinner plate and lightly traced around it in pencil. Then I took a foam brush dipped in white paint and just traced around the outline. Then, I took some of my Rhonna Farrer swirl stamps, dipped them in white paint, and stamped around the circle to get the effect I wanted! I like how it turned out.

And this last page came together in about 5 minutes.

That’s about as much excitement as I can muster today. Oh, did you notice my new blog look? I finally figured out how to make my own background! Yay! I love it. Do you? I even figured out how to design a blinkie! I hope you’ll pick one up for YOUR blog (but only if it works for you). Take care!

9 thoughts on “A Bio of Bayboo

  1. That picture of you and your brother made me laugh because I just found one of him (at EFY) the other day in a box of old stuff.What a brave bunch of ladies you have in that house. That’s great for you.


  2. WOW! Bayboo is AWESOME! Love those Scrapbook ideas! You and your brother are hilarious!!I will try to pick up your button again. I had it once on my side bar, but for some reason it quit working a couple of days ago. But It looks like it might work again. IT’s SO CUTE by the way.


  3. I LOOOOOVE the I Spy page – made me laugh out loud because my son loved those books, and I would have multiple photo ops for a page like that! May have to scraplift that one!!! lol.


  4. Doctors and dentists and sick days OH MY!!!! What is a mommy to do? Well it sounds like things are going better and you are getting all the business of child maitinence in order— that is a good thing. I’m honest with my wee ones too. No lying. I’d rather them be prepared for what is really going to happen rather than trying to candy coat it. Cute pages.


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