I’m It!

Talia over at Pieces of Me tagged me and I’m so happy to oblige 🙂 I need to write 6 (un)interesting things about me (ooooh, so hard to narrow down all of my uninterestingness).

1. I’ve recently fallen in love with Old Navy’s zippered Hoodies (or Kangaroo Jackets, or Bunny hugs – depending on where you call home). I bought a very exciting brown one on Boxing Day and I could live in that thing. Come to think of it – I also could live in my Old Navy sweetheart cut jeans. I LOVE THEM! They are SO comfy and awesome!Hmm… maybe I should be getting paid for this free advertising. THEN I could go and buy a bright YELLOW Hoodie! YES!

2. I can never have just one book on the go. It’s like I concentrate better when my mind is overloaded. I’m sure that’s a product of our generation of over-stimulation. Right now I’ve got Terry Goodkind book, a Jodi Picoult book, and the scriptures on the go (though the scriptures are ALWAYS on the go for me). I was reading The Count of Monte Cristo but I had to set it aside when I got so many awesome books for my birthday. I mean, it’s like 1400 pages – it’s not going anywhere 🙂

3. Right now I can’t stop listening to “Feelin’ Good” (also heard on the Seven Pounds soundtrack) and “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You” by Muse. Actually, I’m also enjoying “Knights of Cydonia” as well. Mucho Muse love.

4.I’ve been eating oranges like they are going out of style. Maybe they are. I guess grapes could be the new “in” fruit. Maybe I’ll give them a try this weekend. But not before I’m through another case of oranges. Mmmmmm…. oranges.

5. I love bags, purses, clutches, backpacks (okay not so much backpacks). I could have a hundred bags and still want to buy another one. As it stands I have 3. One for my church stuff, another bigger one for my church stuff, and a boring black canvas purse for carrying my crap around the city with me. THAT’S going to change – I’m expecting something SO exciting the mail 🙂 Thanks, B!

6. I have to check my email like a dozen times a day. Why is that? Why isn’t once enough? I’m not expecting an notice of great importance from the Prime Minister. I guess it’s taken the place of the ever important LETTERS in the REAL MAIL. I LOVE getting letters in the mail. That’s why Christmas is SOOOOO exciting for me. SO many cards and letters with pictures from people I love. Ooooh, it makes me so happy! Which is why what I mentioned in #5 makes me even MORE excited. Not only is it going to feed my purse love, but it’s going to be MAIL in my MAILBOX with MY name on it! Ooooh, I’m giddy!

So, who do I tag? Hmmm…

1. Andrea
2. Kristi
3. Ailyn
4. Robin
5. Penny
6. Juliette

Tag! You’re it! Now write 6 (un)interesting things about yourself, tag 6 other people and leave a comment on their blogs so they know! Ta ta!

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