My mind made up for me :)

I can’t explain to you why or how, but this photo shoot has been instrumental in my making up my mind about something. After this photo shoot, the mom sent me a very touching and emotional email that had me in tears. So much going on there that I wasn’t completely aware of, and being able to capture what she was looking for helped me to reaffirm in my mind why I am doing this. Sometimes it gets so crazy, I start to second guess even being a photographer at all. It’s a weakness of mine – second guessing myself. I HATE IT! But experiences like this precious photoshoot are like the nectar of life. Makes it that extra bit sweet. And so, I just had to share some favorites from this photo shoot with this awesome family. Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “My mind made up for me :)

  1. Thanks for sharing that Bobbi. You are always SO real and SO honest and it’s SO inspiring to ALL of us women. Well…..I know I can at least speak for myself….but I KNOW I’ve heard it from others too. : Dkeep on being SO real! Love it!


  2. So glad to hear that sessions like this one make being a photograpger worth it! You are awesome.oh, and also…I have tagged you!1 – Link back to the blog that tagged you2 – Make a list of 6 (un)interesting things about yourself3 – Tag five other blogs, and let them know by leaving them a comment!


  3. Bobbi- You have it all. I’m glad you are a photographer and that youa re sharing your talents with those who need your special eye for detail and capturing the story. You already know how I feel about your work. Thank you for being you!


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