The Big 7.0!

It might have been a cold, snowy winter morning 7 years ago, but there could have been no better start to the new year than welcoming this little beauty into our home and into our lives! She entered the world on my good side – blessing me with a short 5 hours of labor, though she was stubborn and I had to be induced a week after I was due with her. She still has a mind of her own, actually 😉

She was born with MASSES of black, curly hair and (after much diligence from me, turning her from one side to the other as she slept) she never lost any of it. However, it did get lighter and lighter as the years passed. Her hair made her look older than she was, and earned her more than a few comments. And her eyes stand out – big, bright, and blue. I have always called her Beauty.

B is such a joy in our family. She is naturally sweet, naturally caring and nurturing, and unnaturally kooky like her daddy. She is very tenderhearted, and LOVES anything to do with nature. It’s not unusual to find little bits of leaves, rocks, water, or a combination of that and more hidden inside little cups, in ziplock bags, and other containers around her room. She wants to be “one” with nature, I just wish she could be “one” OUTSIDE.

She has recently become more interested in fashion and puts a lot of thought into what she is wearing. She loves to look “like a teenager” and often asks my opinion, or has her big sister help her pick out something that looks “cool”. I just want her to look 7. She has also recently become more interested in performing – musically. Her older sister, TJ, has had a few opportunities to sing at talent shows and at church, and now B wants to do the same. So, I’m searching for the perfect opportunity for her to perform and we’ll be practicing like crazy to make it happen! I will also be starting to teach her piano, now that she seems really interested in it. She has many talents that are just waiting to be cultivated!

She loves to help her little sisters and play pretend with them. We have a huge array of dress-up clothes, though she has *almost* outgrown them. She now prefers to “pretend” with Barbies and My Little Ponies (of which we can’t seem to ever acquire enough). Though, just yesterday she was crawling around in an almost-too-small dog costume, whimpering and rubbing up against my leg as I was washing dishes.

It seems to me that she is at the awkward stage of transforming from a “little” girl to a “big” girl – not quite ready to lay aside the dress up clothes, but wanting to pick up the telephone to chat with her school friends. I hope she never completely loses her imagination and desire to explore and play. Those things are useful at all stages of life. I hope she never loses her love of nature and of learning. Her teacher told me that she wishes every child she teaches could be as eager and well behaved as B. I was so pleased with B and the example she sets in her classroom. I am proud of the talents she has and the way she is anxious to develop them. I hope she, at all times, remembers who she is, and has the courage to stand up for the values she embraces. And I hope that she knows deep inside how much I love her, from now ’til forever!

Happy 7th birthday, B Bop!

5 thoughts on “The Big 7.0!

  1. What an AWESOME post! Beautiful tribute and well written for a beautiful little 7 year old….er BIG 7 year old….excuse me. : DWhat a cutie she is and she SO looks like you Bobbi!Look at her photo at the end and compare to the one of you at the beginning of the previous post. Uncanny!HAPPY BIRTHDAY B!


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