3 thoughts on “This is kinda the day I’m having!

  1. LOL! I love the way she puts the humor back into it all. Hang in there Bobbi. They say it gets better when they all become teens……I wish I knew who told me that cause I want to give them a piece of my mind. : D KIDDING! I do do see a “change in routine” at least. But I am smarter to know that it won’t ever slow down. Even after kids are gone. The routine just changes. *sigh*They are SO worth it though, eh? Hugs to you girlfriend! At least know that someone can totally empathize with ya.


  2. That is hilarious! She is wonderful, thanks for introducing her stuff to me…I love it, she nails it all on the head ha ha ha. You are a wonderful Mom and wife Bobbi-Jo…don’t ever think otherwise! And don’t ever forget YOU are a Child of God and he has a PLAN for you…live it and love it! That is what I always have to stop and tell myself when I am having “one of those days.” Take care!


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