I could eat him up!

We had our good friends over to dinner last night and fit in a quick photo shoot of their latest addition, baby “M”. He is sooooooo gorgeous! (All of their children are, actually). we tortured this poor little guy in all sorts of ways to get some cute shots and he didn’t so much as whimper! He *almost* makes me want to have another one 😉

During a feeding break, M’s big sister “A” wandered in and cooperated for a couple of quick shot (which I’m always thrilled about!) only this time, she wasn’t so quick to smile. She was going for the “diva” look 😉

Has your December been flying by? I feel like mine has. Crazy! We’ve been faithfully keeping up with our 25 days of Christmas fun, but you’ll have to wait for another post for those. I’m off to finish putting my kiddos in bed, and folding the rest of the laundry that’s been calling my name all evening! Toodle-loo!

5 thoughts on “I could eat him up!

  1. Oh, he is gorgeous. And a little chunk. Love the two pictures where mom is holding him and you see his little baby wrinkles. Reminds me of another baby I know, who is growing up too fast, and isn’t much of a baby anymore.That little girl has amazing eyes. Wow.As always girl, you impress me.


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