Sometimes Canadian politics make me want to barf. Especially lately. So, when my husband forwarded me this message he sent in to a local TV station, it made me laugh out loud. And when something makes me laugh out loud, I have to share it with my blog buddies! Here you go – and I agree 100%~!

“I’m glad the government prorogued parliament until January. The voice of
the people voted the Conservative Party into power in the last election at
the cost of millions of taxpayer dollars. If the Pro-Coalition argue that
the majority voted against Harper then let’s finally change to a US style
2-party government and see where the chips fall. If you want to change how
government operates, do it before the election, not after.
The Coalition is simply a last ditch effort of three old Politicians
trying use any means necessary to salvage an unsuccessful attempt to lead
the country. I hope the time over the next month and a half is spent
focusing on what is best for the economy and the people of Canada, not the
self-esteem of three white-haired men acting like spoiled children. I hope
the Queen comes over and slaps them all for wasting our time and money at a
time in world history when we have neither to spare right now!”

Amen, hunkster hubby! It’s funny. On the news last night, a pro-coalition supporter made the comment that 62% of Canadians voted against a Conservative Government. Okay. If that’s true then you could also say that 75% voted against a Liberal Government, or that 83% voted against a Bloc Québécois government, or that 87% voted against an NDP government. And most importantly…. 0% voted for a coalition government! So, I agree with my husband. Spend your time and OUR money doing what is best for Canada. NOT trying to get your selfish selves into power. Just once I’d love a government that WORKS for US.

Excuse me while I step off my soap box.

6 thoughts on “Coalition

  1. If you are stepping off your soap box someone else may as well step on. I totally agree that we should switch our government to be more similar to that style used in the US. 2 parties. Hash it out. Get the pres. And shut up. Are these people not elected to think of the best of the COUNTRY and not themselves? I thought so, but they seem to forget that. It’s garbage. And yes, tell us how you want to change government operations when you are trying to get elected, not as a last resort of how to get in power and look like idiots at the same time.


  2. I LOVE IT, I absolutely love it. Those morons need to give there head a shake. Your hubby hit it right on the mark when he said they are acting like spoiled children. They need a good kick in the butt.


  3. Good for your hubby at making his voice heard. Since your commenters and you are on your soapbox, I’ll take a turn. It’s about time that Canadians made their voices heard. He have taken too many hits from our so-called democratic governement and grumbled quietly among ourselves, yet have not lashed back. It is time for a full-one lash back at the government so they know we are unhappy. Tell everyone you know to write, email and make public your disagreement with this coalition. If we only blog about it- the government will continue on status quo. (Like the gun registry that was only supposed to cost $1 million that only the police said would help and cost us more than 10x more and – have you seen a reduction in guns???)whew.. ok of the soap box.


  4. Alas, i live in the US, so I don’t have an opinion on the canadian gov’t (having never been there)but I DID want to thank you for your kind comment, and for stopping by Luv That Post!!xoxox


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