D family and tie breaker

one half hour

over 400 photos

I hope they like these 🙂

It was such a pleasure working with your adorable family. Usually I’m fighting to get the kids to smile (it’s such a short time to build a rapport with children, but I do my best!) and these kiddos were such sweethearts! I mean – can you say GORGEOUS? I really like the hands idea – I think I’ll store that one away for the future! So cute. But, I must say – I’m tired now. 400 photos and I had to narrow it down to 25. Wow. Like I said before – I certainly hope I chose the right ones! Photography can be so subjective, you know?

Now, I need your help! I need to choose between two photos of myself to put on the “about” section of my website. My hunkster hubby took these two shots – and I need your help to decide between them. I love one of them, and hunkster loves the OTHER one. So, I need your help to break the tie! PLEASE let me know which one YOU like – leave a comment, puhlease!! Oh pretty pretty please. I know you’ll be honest and help me make the choice. I HATE photos of me, so it’s been a challenge (oh I’m so ashamed). I just know I can count on you! Just say whether you like photo 1 or photo 2 – and the one that gets the most votes will go up on the site. Thanks in advance, you sweet, sweet blog buddies!


Now, I’m off to have a good sleep. I’m wiped! Have a good one, and I’ll be back later with a fun tutorial for you!

36 thoughts on “D family and tie breaker

  1. #1 – you look sweet and innocent#2 – you look sassy and spunkyI like them both. A lot. But my vote is #2. To me that looks more like a person that would be witty enough and silly enough to get some great photos.


  2. Oh SO hard to choose. I am SO curious as to which one Lyndon likes and which one YOU like.I like them both a lot, but like Deb commented, I thought these both gave a COMPLETELY different side of you.For a photography site, I think I would choose, #2. : D


  3. I love the picture of the family’s hands! Please come to Edmonton to photograph our family! 😉I like the second one… I hope that’s the right answer! hehe


  4. you look very pretty in #1, but having seen #2 on the site already I think it looked perfect- the pose and the text- it just all read really well as a whole. When I first saw your site, the “about you” page made a great impression.AND I do love the hands shot- how sweet to see the little hands with mom and dad’s hands.Speaking of selecting photos– I’m going to send you an email on the topic. 🙂


  5. I like #2, just a more professional look to it. And plus I love the color scheme 😀 And besides which ever one Lyndon loves you can frame it and give it to him for Christmas so he can brag about it hot wife at the office 😀


  6. They are both great pics of you…but both so very different from each other…does that make sense? LOL I like #1 the best! Good luck with picking which one to use =)


  7. I found this site through your photography web site and I have to say, although you look nice in both of them, I saw #2 already on the site. My first thought was that the smile looked really fake but like I said, both good pictures.


  8. Do you ever travel to take pictures? Umm like Chicago LOL. I like photo #1. For some reason you can see your facial features better. Who knows LOL! Either would be AWESOME!It’s a good life!Terri E.


  9. #2 gives space for the next thought and camera click, shutterbug, need a hug from the light and feathery wistful look you gave the family photo shoot. Background gives a whole new eye to mind message also.Big Sky Hi


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