There was a girl, who had a dream.

A dream of a new website that reflected her personal style.

That showcased her photos in a way that made her giddy.

One day her dream would come true.

Today is that day.

Presenting: Bobbi-Jo Grunewald Photography!

Pretty, pretty please…. can you tell me what you think? And be kind – this is my baby 😉

30 thoughts on “*SQUEAL!*

  1. Oh my Bobbi! FAntastic! YOu have come SO far in such a SHORT amount of time.Beautiful! Awesome!And I am not just saying that because you asked me to be kind, either. LOL! *wink*Truly. It’s fantastic!


  2. WOW!! This is a beautiful site. Your home page is especially stunning! I love your logo with the tulip sketch and I like the word “photography” in red. As for CC- the only thing that didn’t really gel with me was on the inside when the tannish/brown color would come up as a border or accent. I just don’t think it goes so well with the dramatic black you have going on. The black looks fab and really shows off your photos. I do like the plum accent color and I think red would work too- tying into your logo. But hey, that might just be me! I love your new site and am so happy for you- I know it’s a big deal to make a website you love and if you did this all on your own- which I’m guessing you did- you did an AMAZING job. Go Bobbi!


  3. looks great!personally, the pictures that scroll through at the beginning linger a bit too long. But they are great photos and the website is user friendly. great job!


  4. wow – it’s lovely – i {heart} the music, the flow, the amount of portraits moving thru the scene – LOVE IT – congratulations – you should be proud!erin mcmilon


  5. I love it!!! I have been following your blog for sometime, and I am so excited for you! I see a lot of photos (I work with them for a living) and I think you are doing a fantastic job!


  6. Thanks for all of your support AND your CC! Clair and Jessica – I 100% agree with your assessment, and I made some changes. I had been going back and forth on the colors (which I picked out of each set of photos) but I decided to go with plain black or white (because, as we know, photos always look their best against those colors!) and I did speed up the slideshow a bit – I agree, it did drag. It’s so awesome for you all to comment and make me feel OH SO GOOD!


  7. Not just saying this because I love everything you do and admire you so much—-> Bobbi that is easily the BEST photography site I have looked at ever! I love it and I love that song. I've never heard it. You need to tell me who it is when you get a chance! If you happen to come back to Utah to visit or anything please let me know so I can book with you to get our pictures done! You are my favorite photographer!


  8. Oh Bobbi!If you remember me at all…:O) You know how much you are an inspiration to me! I have loved watching your talent and passion unfold over the last few years!You have seen your dream through and I know it grows as you learn and develop more of that talent..but WOW Bobbi …truly inspiring! We think of you all often ..take care! This is an awesome place to keep an eye on you..;O)


  9. Hey Bobbi-Jo ~ let me know when you plan to holiday in New Zealand so I can get you to take some of your beautiful photos of my babies. You do great work!


  10. Bobbi,Your site is amazing! If you don’t get out to Calgary soon, I’m going to have to drive down to Southern Saskatchewan just so you can take pics of us!!How did you do your website? Did you use a template? Can you recommend the company if you used one?


  11. I have been looking at your site for some time now, ever since Ailyn had her pics done!! I am also a photographer and I think you did a terrific job on your website! Classic and Beautiful! Congrats!


  12. Bobbi, I have to say I feel super duper honoured that you have a picture of myself and my husband at our wedding on your home page. Thanks for giving us beautiful memories to always remember how special our day was. Keep up the good work.Natasha McCabe


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