Munchkins and downloads

I had a hilarious mini shoot on Saturday – one where I feel so glad that I got this shot:

You see, the little guy was having a bad morning and just didn’t like the idea of cooperating for photos. His sister, on the other hand, was more than eager. In fact, she turned out to be quite the little model!~

Seriously, could she be any cuter?? She is almost 3 (her birthday is on Christmas day!) but she sure seemed a whole lot older!

Never, fear, though – even though our time was very short, we managed to do our best to get these shots of the little guy:Notice the hands holding him up? LOL! His dad was lifting him high in the air to make him laugh, while I tried frantically to get the shot. It was the best we could do. I hope they like them.
How have your Christmas preparations been going? Doesn’t it seem like Christmas has creeped up on us so quickly this year? Maybe it’s because there is still no snow on the ground, and we’re enjoying fall like weather outside. Whatever the reason, it seems to be coming quickly! Thankfully we’re all done shopping (including stockings) because we’re making a trip to Calgary for the holidays, so we don’t need the kiddos bringing a lot of “stuff”. We are so, so excited to see family and friends, though it’s going to be kind of a quick trip. Leaving on Christmas day, and coming back on Tuesday the 30th. Quick. But, we can’t miss out on seeing everyone!

I have to post some photos of a baby book I made for a friend of mine who just had her 6th child. I had given her the book before I had taken any photos, but when she asked if I would make another for her 5th child, I had an excuse to take some photos to remember what I had done. LOL! Who doesn’t like keeping a record of what you’ve made? I do! So, here it is without any explanations. What you see is what you get 😉

If you like the idea, I’ve uploaded a PDF of the pages for you, so you can make your own! Just click on the picture below:
Just call it an early Christmas gift 😉

11 thoughts on “Munchkins and downloads

  1. Does that mean your not going to just make those for all of us? I could use two. 😉 I suppose I’m going to have to see if I can pull some magic out of my sleeve and make a couple.


  2. WOW! That little girl certainly could be hired for modeling for sure. Not shy at all is she? So cute. And great job on getting some cute shots of her little brother too. : D


  3. Those 2 are such little cuties!! Love the pictures, you do such a great job!And that little book turned out awesome, thanks for the early chrismast gift!! Seriously your rock!!Oh I tried my hand a photography this past weekend, & got up enough nerve to post a few on my blog. My stomach is still flip flopping. I was so nervous!


  4. Where. Do. You. Find. The. Time. LOL. You do the MOST amazing things and you’ve got such a full life! Just proves the saying-if you want something done ask a busy person. Please tell me you’ve cloned yourself.


  5. I tried to download the pdf file for the baby book and it wouldn't work. I'd love to have these pages, my daughter just had her first baby. I love your posters, I put a new one in my living room window every month.
    Thank you for sharing.


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