25 days of Christmas

I’m finished!!! YAY FOR ME! Just needed that little celebration for myself before moving on. Moving on… I spent yesterday making this cute little Christmas album inspired by the ever fabulous Ali Edwards, who makes the most eclectic albums around. Her idea was to create (BEFORE DECEMBER) a blank album where you can document something special each day in December leading up to Christmas, in a kind of “spur of the moment” way. As you know, I’m not great at “spur of moment” so I did as Ali suggested and had the album finished ahead of time, so when December comes, I can snap a quick photo of that day’s activity and forget it! I plan to LIVE in December, right?? For some strange reason, I found this album kinda hard to throw together. I was totally in the mood for scrapbooking, but the ideas weren’t flowing. I AM happy with how it turned out, but it took a while longer than I expected.

A did “pockets” for a few of the pages. It should make it easier to stick extras in there if I end up needing it.
I used a template to fold a couple of these cute envelopes, too.

Page number 5 is a baseball card sheet. I used a couple of those throughout the album. I noticed on Amy’s blog that she did the same thing. I had bought mine a while back to use for this, so I laughed when I saw she did the exact same thing!

That clear corner is a pocket as well..

Another envelope, and another baseball card sheet.

So there you have it! Done and done! I’m so excited to start filling it with some of my favorite Christmas memories. Some of the ones I’m going to include are the first time the kids open their advent calendars, putting up the tree, baking sugar cookies, caroling, acting out the Nativity, a visit to Santa at the mall, the ward Christmas party, the work Christmas parties, my favorite Christmas story, going sledding, drinking hot chocolate, driving around to look at lights… you know, the traditional things. I’d love to make cabbage rolls this year. Growing up, my mom (who is Hungarian) would make the traditional turkey, but also a HUGE pot of cabbage rolls. Whenever I smell them, it takes me right back to my childhood. I’d love to carry that on!

What are some of your Christmas traditions?

Do you remember, a while back, when I said I was getting into my slow season for photography? Um… I guess not! LOL! I had the most delightful family photo shoot last week who just made me smile. Boy, it took me most of the session to win the little guy, ‘A’ over, but in the end we became friends. LOL! We even got a few shots with him smiling!
This family sure loved their newest addition, P. She was SUCH a good baby! Wow. I couldn’t believe how well behaved she was.

PHEW~ Are you still with me? I’ve been busy, busy – and this has been only half of it. I’d love to tell you about the rest of my life, but darn it – we’re already going over time 😉 Maybe another day 🙂

12 thoughts on “25 days of Christmas

  1. Oh that is going to be a FUN album to look at in years to come!I really liked the photos you took of this family too. They seem SO real to me. Very familiar. Hmmmm….Just gorgeous!


  2. I love love love that book! I love it so much I may idealift from you. When I have nothing else to do, right?! lolOne Tradition I carry on with my children is on Christmas Adam (the day before Christmas Eve, as we all know Adam came before Eve) we all sleep around the Christmas tree. On the floor, in sleeping bags, with heads as close to the tree as possible! It’s a tradition me and ALL my siblings STILL carry on.


  3. Great book. And great idea.sorry but I don’t love cabbage rolls. I think they stink. (lol) but my husband’s family always has them. That’s not a tradition I’ll be carrying on 🙂We always have homemade pizza on Christmas eve. We also all go to my sisters for supper then watch the devotional the first Sunday of December, and then after Santa comes to visit and we tell him what we want and take family photos and photos of kids crying. fun times.


  4. well no shock at all, but totally awesome!!!You are the best!!!wish you lived closer so I could hang out and absorb your creativity….always a pleasure reading about YOULaura


  5. I love your 25 days of Christmas book. I am two years behind on my scrap booking and I just can’t get the fever again… I need to though. I’ll just keep coming here for all the inspiration you are. Jenn


  6. your album is awesome! i’d love to do one this year, we’ll see if i can swing it…sigh…if only we had more time, right? and guess what? my hubby served his mission in hungary…one of his very favorite places. my grandma (who is ukrainian) always makes cabbage roles just for him ’cause she knows how much he loves them!


  7. I love this — I actually prefer your version to Ali’s, but she’s great for inspiration! You were the Runner Up Mini-Book of the Week at Card of the Week.com. You can see the original post here: http://www.cardoftheweek.com/2008/11/scrapbook-sat-2.html.I did use a picture from your post, with links back to the site and the original post. I hope that is OK. Please feel free to email me if you need me to change anything.I also have an “I was featured” on badge for you if you want it 😀


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