Exciting Stuff!

No, I’m not excited about how the election turned out, though I was pretty sure it would end this way. But, that’s not what my title refers to. It refers to this:

Yes, my second daughter, 6 year old B, has finally lost her first tooth! I say “lost” but what I really should say is “tore, ripped, and gouged” out her poor defenseless tooth. LOL! It’s been loose for a while now, getting looser every day. I could tell B was getting impatient to get it outta there, dreaming aloud about her first visit from the tooth fairy, but the darn thing just wouldn’t budge. She insisted I try to wiggle the baby tooth out after dinner, which I tried to do, but it was obvious that it wasn’t going anywhere. Much to my surprise, only about a half an hour later I hear squealing and girls barging up the stairs. They race into my room, tooth in hand, blood oozing out of her mouth. Yeah, she got it out all right. EW. She must have yanked through those tender gums pretty badly because the blood wasn’t stopping. I had her rinse her mouth out with water a few times, which she did, and eventually it stopped. She didn’t even make a peep – too excited about the darn thing finally coming out – though by no choice of it’s own! She’s gone one on me, because I couldn’t stand to yank it out when it wasn’t even in MY mouth! I’ve got one brave little gal on my hands 🙂

Thankfully the tooth fairy DID remember to come, and even left behind her tooth WITH the dollar coin so B could keep it as a memento. Smart, kind, compassionate tooth fairy 🙂

6 thoughts on “Exciting Stuff!

  1. Exciting, very exciting indeed. I remember my daughter doing the same thing & now my son anxiously awaits his first loose tooth, hopefully it comes out much easier! Very “smart” tooth fairy I must say, maybe I should ask her to come visit our house!


  2. That tooth fairy is pretty smart to have even remembered to come at all! I once had a tooth under my pillow for DAYS when finally I said something to my dad about the slacker tooth fairy. That night the tooth fairy snuck into my room while I was STILL AWAKE, covered my eyes, raised my head, threw the money under my pillow, and left. When I pictured the tooth fairy big hairy, strong arms didn’t fit the picture. Oh well. I got my cash!


  3. How cute! My 8 yr old does the same thing, If his tooth is loose he demands that it come out!! My daughter on the other hand will just let it come when it’s ready. She’s never in any hurry. 😉Cute picture too!


  4. Oh the tooth fairy got really POOR visiting our house over the years. The last visit was this year. I thought it would be great…..but I was kinda sad about that. Another era gone.So fun for kids to get a tooth fairy visit. B certainly is a gutsy girl for pulling it out herself!


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