A Spooktacular Halloween!

What did I do to deserve such gorgeous weather for Halloween this year? I’m used to stuffing snowsuits under the kids’ costumes, tramping through a foot of snow, and getting maybe a block covered before the kid’s noses’ freeze off. NOT THIS YEAR, BABY!

So then WHY did we only get 13 kids knocking on our door this year? Do the children not KNOW that I’m trying to loose some weight and having a bowl full of chocolatey goodness in front of my weak, weak self-control challenged eyes is not helping matters? *sigh* I’m pathetic 🙂

We had our biggest Halloween celebration in the form of a Stake Trunk or Treat, which we LOVED. There is nothing better than an INDOOR Halloween party where the kids can actually wear their costumes for all to see. My hubby fooled a lot of people by dressing at the sexy Disco Stu!
We literally had dozens of people asking WHO he was. We loved it 😉 The two youngest girls dressed as pink poodles, though you can see how much JJ loved it. HA HA!
TJ wanted to dress as a queen, so we found a purple dress at a second hand store, as well as a small piece of gold fabric at the same second hand place, which I attempted (somewhat successfully) to sew into a cape. With her long white gloves, crown, and sceptre – I think she pulled it off 🙂
B wanted to be a bride. (does it seem just a little early to be thinking about that??) We found a veil at the same second hand shop, let her wear her sister’s baptism dress, and stuck on some white gloves. She made a beautiful 7 year old bride.
The youth in the stake put on the activities, with booths like pumpkin bowling, Haunted house bean bag toss, a popcorn stand, coloring, and other games. My hubby and his young men did a booth where you stick your hand into a box, feel something gross and guess what it is. Yeah, who ever thought up that notion? Ew. I made the boxes and they had kids feeling things like grapes in olive oil, wet spaghetti, cold oatmeal, and pretzel sticks. It was a huge success!

JJ didn’t really play any games, She was happy just hanging out with Cass the entire night. And who wouldn’t? Cass was dressed as Tinkerbell, and she looked the part! My kids just love her.
Cass and the other YW from our ward did one of the most popular booths from the night – the eating a donut off a string game. I was soooooo happy when B decided to choose a chocolate iced donut to eat with her white dress on. She amazingly didn’t get anything on herself!
She really didn’t like whatever she was feeling in this box. UGH!
TJ was excited to see a lot of her good friends from church there.

We all had a blast!

Hope you had a spooktacular halloween! Boo!

6 thoughts on “A Spooktacular Halloween!

  1. I didn’t get a pic of me (should have come out from behind the camera) but I was a Nephite girl! I used my handy costume from our Book of Mormon Trek years ago. DONE! Only one girl guessed what I was, though 🙂


  2. What great costumes Bobbi! They look adorable! & your hubby looks very 70's!!!I know what you mean about the trick or treaters, we were so prepared to have a tonne of kid's, well we maybe had 15, I had bought 210 mini chocolate bars! plus, had some other stuff. So 2 brand new boxes of chocolate bars went to work with hubby & a bag full of mini bags of chips that we got. Crazy. It was like that all over apparently.


  3. I thought it was slow at our house! (We had only 50 this year.)Loved the costumes!!!!! Lyndon….LOL! Good one buddy! Not sure if we would of recognized you either.Great idea.


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