It’ll slow down….right?

That’s what I keep telling myself. Maybe I’m kidding myself! Things never really slow down, do they? Things will just keep getting busier until the kids move out, then I’ll have grandkids to keep me busy 🙂 I guess keeping busy also keeps me happy (and out of trouble). Especially when the busy-ness comes from serving others. There’s no better way to forget your woes than to get to working helping someone else.

I’ve been organizing another luncheon for another funeral in our ward. This time the funeral is for a sweet elderly woman who had suffered from severe breathing difficulties a lot in her last months and years. She was still faithful in serving others, right up to the end. She worked in the temple, was a faithful visiting teacher, and came every Sunday to worship with the rest of us. What an example of enduring to the end! She raised an amazing family, a HUGE family! We are expecting between 300-400 people (friends and family) to attend her funeral today. WOW! What a legacy of love. I was so impressed by the ladies in our ward to pulled together cheerfully to help me get enough food for the luncheon afterwards. It’s a lot of food to prepare, and that makes me nervous, but I’m sure there will be plenty with all of the squares the sisters have been making and donating! The Relief Society president in the other ward has offered to prepare the sandwiches for the funeral (with the help of the women in her ward) so that was a load off my mind as well. I’m so grateful for good women who are happy to serve.

My husband has been doing well in school – he is just finishing up his midterm exams (which seemed to pop out of nowhere – seriously are we half done his first semester?) which we know is a blessing from the Lord – as his study time has been limited. He does work hard, though, in everything he does. I love him for his sacrifices for our family. What a good man I’m married to!

I’ve had some comments lately that have me grinning from ear to ear. “Have you lost weight?” “You look like you’re melting away!” “What’s your secret?”. I have to laugh because I don’t feel like I’m losing weight quickly at all! I have been trying, though, to watch what I eat more often, and get more exercise in than I usually do. Being too busy to eat helps, too 😉 I think what’s made a huge difference to me, though, is I finally got fitted for a BRA!!! Yipppee! Too personal? Too bad 😉
It was my husband who actually kind of pushed me into finally doing it. Sometimes I’m and all talk – no action kind of person,mostly when it involves me stripping to the waist in front of a total stranger! But who am I kidding? I’m a woman – I should be used to having to strip in front of people. Anyway, I had been talking about getting fitted for a bra because I just couldn’t find one that I felt fit properly and looked nice under my clothes (yes, under – I don’t make it a habit of wandering around in my bra. LOL!). One day on his lunch break, my hubby noticed a bra shoppe around the corner from his work, and he saw a sign posted that they do bra fittings. So, he walks in and starts asking all the questions – does it cost? Do you need an appointment? You have to give him props for even going inside!

So, he comes home and tells me what he found out, and suggests I meet him there after work. We had a date planned, so why not? I met him there, walked in, had my bra fitting, found an AWESOME bra, bought it (that part hurt – EXPENSIVE!), and had our date! Simple! It wasn’t bad at all. I actually discovered I was buying the wrong size (mostly because they don’t SELL my size at Wal-Mart, where I do my shopping most of the time) so now I look and feel great! I really think it’s made a difference in how I look overall. If you haven’t done it – GO! It’s so worth it. Have in mind what you want, and they’ll help you find it. Just like that. I can’t believe I hadn’t done it sooner.

I don’t have much to say today – except you still have a CHANCE TO WIN a $25 gift certificate to AMAZON.CA. The contest closes Friday at 12:00am – so leave a comment on THIS post to win!

9 thoughts on “It’ll slow down….right?

  1. Isn't it great? I did this a while back with my SIL & friend. It made a huge difference but, unfortunately they are soooo darn expensive. They have a place in Airdrie here that I see does bra fittings so I might be going back too!


  2. If anything, I TOTALLY HEAR YA on the bra thing! How very subtle of your man! lol They really ARE expensive, but I think they’re worth it. Now I’m curious– what size were you buying and what ARE you?! Cuz, I totally get the ‘wrong size’ thing. I think I did that for the past 7 years, no short of a lie!


  3. You have one amazing husband there girl! I can NOT for the life of me even imagine my husband walking into a store and doing that for me! LOL! One can hope and dream, though.You do look great by the way. You knew what a little ole’ bra change can do, eh?


  4. Oh don’t you love the feeling of a new bra that fits properly! Yes the price always does hurt when you get a new one! Yeah for Lyndon taking the initiative on getting you in there!


  5. Having Had Breast Cancer I get Fitted Free Every Two years For my bras So i am Lucky I cant see my DH coming in with me you have a good DH there hang on to him they are hard to find.Hugs Mary.


  6. You’ve given me hope that one day, I will find a decent fitting bra:o) I just have to wait a couple years…until after baby #4 is born and I’m done nursing.But what I really wanted to comment on was your help in organizing the luncheon for the funeral. My grandpa passed away less than two weeks ago at 91 and it meant so much to my grandma that the ladies from her ward cared enough to prepare a very nice luncheon on such a difficult day. So while you don’t know me, I just wanted to say THANKS for caring and putting such effort into a tremendous task. I am sure the family is grateful to you!


  7. I'm SO jealous of a good bra-isn't that silly! I'm using my 2 Wal-mart nursing bras that I used with Josh 4 years ago and needless to say-I don't remotely resemble the picture on the right. LOL. I too will get fitted once I'm done nursing. Pretty sure I'll NEED a GREAT bra by then to try to get the girls back to their original position on my body. Love reading your blog-very impressed that your hubby went into that shop but he does benefit a bit from it too, right? ;>


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