Thank you!

This is how I’m feelin’

I’m speechless. Wow. I didn’t expect such a response! I’m not really sure what I was expecting – maybe people writing “Photoshop” or “Nothing – you’re boring!” LOL! I appreciate all of the kind words AND the bits of advice as well. I will certainly keep blogging, and I think I’ll continue to just post bits of everything. It seems to me that there are a LOT of reasons you loyal readers keep returning 🙂 I think I can manage a post a week or so. How does that sound? I’m certainly feeling encouraged to keep on truckin’ (oh, and you gave my ego a real boost at the same time – ha ha!)

So – what have I been busy doing? I won’t go into details – a LOT of Relief Society stuff, a LOT of photography (I thought things were going to slow down when Fall came…hmmm….), having some fun with the kids, doing some decluttering, helping with homework, reading with B who is growing up by leaps and bounds, doing SOME Joy School with BB – though not keeping on top of that like I should, loads of laundry, deciding when to potty train JJ – I think when she keeps taking off her diaper to sit on the potty she’s telling me she’s ready (ugh), picking up the slack since my hubby is spending a lot more time studying and a lot less time doing dishes :), exercising when I can – pretty much a bit of everything.

I’ve decided that this time of year is the most beautiful. I love the range of colors on the trees, the crisp smell of the air in the morning (yes, autumn air has a smell), and I love being able to wear long pants and a sweater occasionally. I love that the kids are back in school – learning, playing, having more structure (and forcing ME to have more structure). I love fall. Love it. I think I’m planning to go on a nature walk with the kids tomorrow – crunch through the falling leaves, see what little treasures we can find a long the way. I think we all need a few minutes to relax and appreciate the beauties of this time of year.

We did a little of that last night – TJ wanted to rake the leaves into a huge pile and jump in them. We have several large trees in our yard, but unfortunately only one tree has been brave enough to shed it’s leaves – the other trees are holding on for dear life! LOL! She managed to get a decent pile, though, and I grabbed my camera in time to catch a few great jumps.

We didn’t let those crunchy leaves go to waste (as though jumping into them is wasteful). The girls stuffed two large “spider leg” bags with them. We’re hoping to have enough leaves fall to fill the entire garbage bag spider before Halloween! (oooohhh…. scary!)
Even my hubby got into the action, taking my camera to snap this gorgeous photo of my B. Her eyes always stun me – I hope they stay so blue. Mine turned green eventually, though they started out just like B’s. You can see the color in this oh so flattering photo. Yeah – I don’t take myself too seriously.B was collecting flowers from our yard to give to her teacher. If they last that long!
JJ helped to rake for a while, so we were all participating. All except for BB, who was laying on the couch inside with a sick tummy. She puked once then slowly started feeling better. Hopefully that’s as far as it goes – we can’t afford any more sickness in our family right now. No time! LOL!

Okay, so I just HAVE to share a few shots from a teenage photoshoot I did this past weekend. It was just one of four shoots I’ve done this week (like I said… I’m waiting for things to slow down). This gal is one of my favorite people. She’s almost 16 (just counting down the days) and she has a good head on her shoulders. She’s our babysitter and the kids love her – though it’s difficult to get her sometimes as she lives about 25 minutes out of town. We had so much fun on this shoot – we drove around just out of downtown and found some fun urban spots. I don’t think she takes a bad picture, which is why I’m posting so many samples here. It was nearly impossible to narrow them down! Wanna know the funny part? She doesn’t think she’s really pretty! WHAT?!?!? Okay, folks – what do YOU think? But, her humility is one of the things I admire most about her. That, and her honesty, sense of humor, integrity, kind heart, and her many talents (boy can she sing! – watch, she may appear on Canadian Idol in the future). Lynn, do you remember me emailing you about a gal who thought Colby was cute? This is her! I plan to start them writing each other SOON! You’d love her as a daughter in law 😉 LOL!This sweet location was just outside a cute little dance studio downtown. Isn’t it precious? I wish we had more time to try some fun poses here (but frankly, I was worried someone might come and chase us away – we were standing in the middle of their garden, afterall!). Don’t worry, folks, it was on a public street and we made sure to find a spot for her to stand where she wasn’t trampling anything. LOL!

This was one of my favorite new spots – not sure what it is about this location that just makes me sing, but it’s awesome! I think it’s kind of ethereal.
Later that same day I had the most challenging photoshoot of my “long” career. I was asked to photograph the wedding of one of my husband’s previous co-workers. They were such a lovely couple – so nice and easy going – so they obviously weren’t the challenge. It was the lighting. I’ve never photographed an indoor wedding at night. Ever. I was a nervous wreck before, during, and afterwards. Thankfully, she loved the photos! I was so relieved. It was so difficult figuring out the proper exposure, getting a correct white balance – and trying to use my flash in a flattering way. UGH! I have to tell you, though, I’m so glad I did it! I proved to myself that I can handle whatever lighting situation is thrown at me, and now hopefully, I’ll get better and better at it. Here are a couple samples from that shoot:

I think, if you stuck it out this far, you’re probably sick of all the photos – it was a major overload, I know! LOL! That’s why I’ll save the samples from my other 2 shoots for another day.

13 thoughts on “Thank you!

  1. Those are all great photos. And you’re right, that girl is so pretty. She just evokes how sweet and kind she is. Great color and I love the black and whites too. I’ve got your blog on one of my favorites. I don’t remember how I found you but I check back often. I love looking at other people’s photos (I try to take good pics – wish I was as good as you). So please don’t stop blogging. Your work is an inspiration.Thanks, Rebeccarebecca.ddesigns@gmail.com


  2. LOL! (To Marilou’s Comment)Cassie is such a pretty name (that’s why we used it for our daughter.) I think that is an omen. Hee Hee.I am going to show Colby these photos of her. You do such amazing work Bobbi. I was sad when your post came to an end. There is NEVER enough photos. I could look all day. : D


  3. P.S. I just showed Colby your post and the pics of Cassie.I quote “Are you kidding me? She is drop dead gorgeous.” No lie. That is his exact words.And he is asking for her e-mail too. : DPlease send.


  4. Never sick of pictures— Make sure your kids baby sitter knows that she is very beautiful– Tell her it came from a reliable source… I don’t know. She is a cutie though. So are your kids. I can’t wait for all the leaves to come down in our back yard. Ours too are holding on for dear lives…


  5. Glad to hear you will keep bloggin! I just love the pic with the tree in the background, it's 1/2 green & 1/2 orange, it's gorgeous! & the pics of T jumping in the leaves.I love seeing how your photography has evolved, since I first became a fan of yours your style & everything just gets better!Your babysitter is gorgeous!!!


  6. I just read all the comments above…Bobbi, looks like you’re playing the cupid and it seems to have worked too!!!This is soo darn cute stuff…I wished those photos would go on forever…she is soo sweet..and she’s got such innocence ..she doesn’t look 16(or even close to it)..You’ve captured her inner beauty so well..hugsTejal


  7. Bobbi your photos are amazing!! When you come back to town here and have time I sooo would love you to take pictures of us! I haven’t had any professional ones done of Emma yet (bad mom I know).Your babysitter is beautiful!! I’m glad you are going to continue writing as I love checking back to see how you are doing out there! I wish I could be more diligent when it comes to updating my blog also! LOL Keep up the fabulous work!!


  8. I followed a link to your blog through the CD photo cubes, and wanted to tell you that I think your photographs are absolutely breathtaking!!


  9. I agree with Micki, we could never be bored with your photos! I love your fall pictures. I need to make sure I take fall pics of my kids this year. Last year I was way to pregnant to care. 😉


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