Nim’s Island Movie Night

We decided to do another movie night last week which turned out SO FUN! Originally we wanted to blatantly copy Amy’s Nancy Drew movie night, but as we were looking through movies at the video store we came across this recently released flick “Nim’s Island”. Immediately the idea started flowing. We bought the girls each a grass skirt and a lei, which they loved! I mean, who doesn’t love wearing grass?

For treats we decided to go tropical – crab, fruit juice, mango, bananas, some indian bread (yeah, it’s hot in India, could be tropical!) and don’t forget the gummy sharks!

I loved the movie – it was sweet, touching, funny, and entertaining. I reccommend it to everyone (and it has nothing whatever to do with the fact that my guy Gerry Butler has a role in it 😉 Yes, there were grass skirts, leis, and even some sharks – though not of the sugary sweet gummy variety. It was such a success! I can’t wait for our next movie night! Any suggestions for G rated movies with a theme??

8 thoughts on “Nim’s Island Movie Night

  1. Had to rent it this weekend after your recommendation… LOVED IT! We used to do themed movie nights, but it has been a very long time… I think I need to throw us together another one. One of these days…


  2. We saw it at the theatre so we couldn’t dress up but I would love to own grass skirts…just for fun. Where did you get them?


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