We Have a Winner!

And the Winner (according to Random.org) is……

LYNN! Congrats, Lynn! Hope you enjoy!! I find it funny, because Lynn is someone I know from my last ward in Calgary – I thought “What are the chances it will be someone I know in ‘real life’?” But then I realized that almost half of those who commented, I know personally. LOL! Oh well – even so I had my husband sitting beside me as I generated the random list. (Just so we know there was no cheating – LOL!)

So, Lynn, even though I know you (and love ya) I don’t have your mailing address. Can you please send me an email with it so I can get your goodies out to you? Thanks!

Check back later for some fun stuff I’ve been working on – and thanks again for all your kind comments! I loved getting to know you all just a bit better!

3 thoughts on “We Have a Winner!

  1. Oh, NO way!!!! I had to read over and over again and make sure there wasn’t another Lynn that you know. LOL! I am SO happy! This truly has been my lucky year. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I would LOVE to have something that you have made in my home. You are awesome Bobbi! Thanks VERY much for the blog candy!


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