It Matters to Me

Have you been caught up watching the recent Republican and Democratic conventions? I’ve watched both. Funny – I wouldn’t consider myself a political activist, I mean, I’m Canadian and I don’t think I completely GET our political system. Plus I find it boring. Just being honest folks. I’m much more interested in the American politics. I think their system just makes more sense. Let’s choose between 2 parties, 2 candidates. I’ve been especially interested in this year’s candidates.

I’ve been watching as, not only someone who is completely on the outside of things, but as I guess an undecided. I consider myself a conservative – I mean a MAJOR conservative. I’m about as conservative as it gets, folks. However I have to admit that Senator Obama has gotten me curious. He is a great public speaker, nice looking, full of energy – seems to want change for the country. (What Democrats or Republicans DON’T??)

I’ll be honest, I was kind of rooting for Mitt Romney for the Republican candidate, so I was miffed at John McCain because of their heated debates. But, I think after watching coverage from both conventions, I would consider myself a McCain supporter. A Canadian-no-chance-of-voting-in-this-election, McCain supporter. Wanna know what did it for me? Palin! I loved her speech. I loved her humor. I loved the points she was making. I think she won me over (though I was always still leaning towards the Republican side all along anyway). Maybe my mind will change when I see their upcoming debates. I can change my mind all I want – I’m not casting a ballot! LOL! Actually, us Canadians will be going to the polls this fall, too. So, I’ll get to make a choice that matters after all 🙂 Besides, life is choices! One after another after another. I guess every day I make choices that matter 😉 I just wish the candidates would focus more on the issues and less on bashing one another. I don’t like negative politiking. There’s enough negativity in the world isn’t there??

What is the point to my rhetoric? Not sure I have one. I like to be optimistic, but I really don’t see much changing in the Americas any time soon, regardless of who’s elected. I think both men want good things for their country. I think both men have experience. I think both men love their families. I think both men are going to end up breaking promises, even with their best intentions. I think politicians are human and make mistakes. And frankly – being religious – I believe these are the last days before the second coming of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Prophets have foretold the calamities of our day and I’m seeing it every time I turn on the TV. Things are going to steadily get worse. There will be more calamity. There will continue to be evil plotting against good – whether or not the war ends, whether they “get” Osama Bin Laden, whatever. Just my 2 cents. Sure I’ll drum up some controversy.

So why does it matter to me? I’m not sure why, but it does. I’ll pray for both candidates, because I sure wouldn’t want that job in today’s world. That’s 100% sure. I think it’s a momentous election coming up – one I’ll be watching with interest. There are definitely tough issues facing Americans (and Canadians alike) and hopefully you’ll get a strong leader who can make some sense out of the chaos. I’m excited to see what happens, because it matters!! Even to me 🙂

5 thoughts on “It Matters to Me

  1. Amen Sister! I actually missed the Democratic convention but I did catch the Republican, and I too LOVED PALIN! I just feel like I can relate to her as a mother, wife & woman unlike another female runner that didn't make the cut. Seriously, If I saw another Clinton in office I would have to go postal & I'm not talking about buying stamps. 😉 I love that it matters to you, I suppose that it does because we are connected one way or another in this large crazy world.


  2. What a great post! I read everything you write because you share whit, knowledge and so much talent.I loved seeing what an outsider thought of all this. I wish we had more wise and knowledgeable people who cared who could place a vote.


  3. Hey Bobbi,As a fellow Canadian who has no right to vote on Nov 4th, I have also been following the candidates from the get-go. (Being married to an American who loves politics might have something to do with this!)I also LOVED Palin’s speech and I agree that she has a way of speaking with such sincerity and honesty that you wouldn’t even guess someone else wrote that speech for her! I think she has brought the Republican party the energy that McCain needs to make it to the finish line and her nomination has surely made the race MUCH more interesting.What has struck me as surprising though is WHY voters are choosing their prospective candidates…It’s easy to notice how eloquent and energetic a person is, but I’ve found it nearly impossible to actually find the VALUES and PRINCIPLES they stand for! While I truly find Palin to be a strong determined woman, I wonder what values she holds most dear as she leaves behind her 4 month old son with Down Syndrome so she can help run the nation? I applaud her hard work and don’t doubt her ability to be a fantastic VP- in fact, if I were voting, I’d vote for McCain/Palin. But as you said, these are the last days, and there are tough times ahead of us. They say that the family is the smallest example of how the nation works. Palin may just prove what priorities are the most important to many American citizens. I’d only vote for her as a lesser of two evils.Don’t even get me started on Obama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 Love your blog Bobbi!!


  4. I totally agree with Mary. My husband and I are following the election and both are able to vote as duel citizens but are finding it difficult to say the least. We can’t decide who will screw up the US less! Isn’t it sad that we have to decide not who is the best candidate but who is the lesser of two evils? I agree Palin’s speech was compelling but there is more to these candidates than an excellent speech. They in fact often have nothing to do with their speeches. They just approve them in the end and deliver them effectively. Normally I would be a supporter of their party but McCain’s intentions make me nervous. He is from a very well known oil family and as his actions and words have thus far demonstrated, is likely to act in the interest of oil companies which, as we have learned in the past, does not bode well for the average person in America. Also, in the long term may influence national decisions that should not be influenced by business. That’s just the tip of the ice berg! It also makes me sad that one of the main reasons Palin was chosen was because of the plain fact that she is a woman. It sucks when woman are used as pawns! Like Mary, I won’t even get started on Obama:)!I wish we could just scrap them all and start from scratch!! Ha! Wouldn’t that be grand? Could you imagine going through this whole process again! No way!


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