Natasha Wedding

On Saturday I was nervous, oh so nervous! I had a wedding to photograph in a tiny garden outside a tiny town about 45 minutes from the city where I live. I had never been there before and I wasn’t looking forward to driving there on my own (my hubby is like a GPS – something I’m NOT). Not only that but if you are a photographer, you know it’s all about light. It was a bright, bright sunhiny day and I had no idea what kind of shade situations I could find there. I WANTED shade – just so we’re clear 🙂 And last, I’m not used to photographing wedding ceremonies. I usually just do the pictures AFTER the wedding, not during the ceremony. Yep. I was nervous people.

Of course I had nothing to worry about – as is usally the case. I showed up (found my way easily) and even enjoyed the time alone in the car with my tunes blaring on the stereo. So fun. It was definitely sunny, but the gardens were gorgeous and there was plenty of shade to be had (though I still had some hot spots I couldn’t get rid of in a couple of shots – whatever.

To top it off, the family was some of the nicest, fun people I’ve come across. From the moment I parked, I was greeted by friends and family of the bride and groom – I felt like part of the family! Loved it. AND the bride was seriously beautiful. Her dress was like something out of a fairytale – and just LOOK at her. So easy to photograph 🙂
The ceremony was tricky for me – still not sure how to go about it. I just discreetly snapped a (very) few shots during different parts of the ceremony. You can see in this shot how the rays of sunshine were fighting to get through into the shady part of the meadow.

I got a few shots of the ceremony. I hope they’ll like them. After the official ceremony was over, they did this sweet sand ceremony where they each poured different colored sand from separate jars into one large jar – representing their lives becoming one. It was very sweet.
This was their walk back down the aisle after the ceremony was finished.

We only spent about 50 minutes or so after the ceremony for the wedding party pictures, but they were so willing for everything that it went very smoothly. We were able to get over 70 nice shots (over 300 shots total). Aren’t the a sweet family? You can see just how sunny and hot (over 33 degrees celsius) it was in the meadow in the background. UGH. Good thing I wasn’t in the huge dress – or worse, a black tux!

These two cuties were so fun. The funny thing is, their names were Blake and Logan (I have 2 nephews with those names. LOL!)

Sometimes as a photographer, you have to prompt and prod couples to act lovey dovey – even on their weddings. Not these two 🙂 They were more than happy to cuddle and smooch, even without prodding! Loved it.

Okay, I think this next shot was officially my favorite of the entire day.

Okay, I just have to say how hilarious these gals were. They made me laugh so hard. I loved this group!

So, once I again I’m reminded that it’s useless to worry. Fear is a darkroom where negatives get developed. Don’t need those! It always turns out fine in the end. You could say, happily ever after!

11 thoughts on “Natasha Wedding

  1. As always they turned out great. Wow. If we go back in time can you come take pictures for my wedding? You did such a beautiful job and the bride was stunning.


  2. same for me– when I get married *cough-again* lol you need to take the shots! LOLI have the same favourite as you, but they’re all great. The light beams kinda add a nice touch, actually.


  3. Holy Cow those turned out so great! What camara & lens do us use if you don't mind me asking? I agree with your most favorite photo, that is such an awesome pic I think it's my favorite too. You have a great eye for this stuff.:)Rachel


  4. Oh Bobbi. IT takes me back to when you started out and were taking the photos of Cassie’s wedding day. You are SO GOOD at what you do. What awesome photos!!! You just keep on getting better and better.Love what you said at the end. That ones a “cross-stitcher” for sure!


  5. I agree with everything they all said above.I was thinking about how wedding pics ARE so important and you have every right to feel nervous! (despite your amazing talent!!)I mean, these wedding pics will be looked at YEARS from now… you know, when they’re celebrating their 30th…40th…50th wedding anniversariesSo with that thought on my mind… I realized that your favorite pic will always be a favorite- because the happy groom will always have it pointed out to him by future generations that his hairline has undoubtably receded!!! 🙂Beautiful couple, fantastic photographer!


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