Happy Birthday BB!

Happy birthday, my ray of sunshine!! Four years ago on a warm August day you were introduced face to face to your new family. You are our miracle in a way… We thought we had life planned out – 2 kids, we were more than happy. But, after several trips to the temple with your daddy, the Spirit softened our hearts and we knew our family was not yet complete. We decided at once to try for a third! My pregnancy with you was probably my easiest, though you were also my biggest at over 9lbs! I had to be induced (you stubborn thing) and you scared me a bit when your heart would stop whenever I turned on my right side. Luckily the doctors had a heart monitor that they had screwed into your tiny head while still in my tummy, so they kept a close watch on your little heartbeat. After 5 hours you made your debut – with the umbilical cord wrapped around your little neck twice. It amazed me just how tight that cord was. YIKES! But, you were safe and healthy – a beautiful baby girl.

You were a happy baby – probably my happiest, though JJ came close. So happy and content most of the time. The only time you had issues was when we would try to leave you with babysitters – you were completely against that from day one. I remember how difficult it was for you to stay in nursery once you turned 18 months. It surprised us how stubborn you were! Once you made up your mind that Nursery was cool – we couldn’t drag you away.

I think of you as our ray of sunshine. You have a little imp’s smile on your face 24-7. I can’t tell you how contagious your sweet smile is! And I can’t tell you how often that stinkin’ smile has kept you out of trouble! You can sweet talk almost anybody.

One thing that is kind of sweet, kind of scary, is how you aren’t afraid of talking to anyone – or wandering off on your own. Playing at the park, you’ll ask some older kids to help you on the swing, or to push you on it – they’ll stand there for a long time, pushing you on the swing like it was all their idea. It worries me a bit what little fear you have when it comes to strangers. So far I’ve always been with you when that happens, thankfully. I remember once we lost you in Wal-Mart. Daddy thought I had you, and I thought you had stayed with Daddy in line. When we realized you were gone, I froze. I didn’t know what to do! I thought I would be calm and collected, but all I could think of was “what if some sicko grabbed my baby!” You were 2 years old. There was a kind lady with her two teenage kids who immediately split up and started scouring the store. Daddy ran out to the parking lot to look outside and be sure no one had snatched you. I stood in the middle of the store – useless. One of the teenage kids found you in the baby section at the back of the store – not concerned at all, looking at the baby toys. You went easily with the teenage boy who brought you to find me. It was probably the scariest day of my life.
One of my favorite things about you is your playful nature and your giggle. It is infectious! We love to tickle you just to hear you laugh. We love it. I think you tend to take after your daddy with your goofy sense of humor and easy going personality. Your grandma says he was also very easy going and practically raised himself he was so content!
You have always been interested in dancing and gymnastics. You love to move and have taught yourself some awesome dance moves! You also are very musical and love to sing. I think you have a beautiful voice and a wonderful sense of musicality. I can’t wait to see how that develops!

I hope your first four years have been happy ones. You certainly have brought added happiness to our family! Your older sisters adore you, and JJ looks up to you as her playmate and example. I can’t imagine what our lives would have been like if we had ignored the promptings from the Spirit to have more children. I just can’t imagine it. We love you so, so much BB! Happy 4th Birthday!

6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday BB!

  1. It’s so hard to believe she is 4 already! I LOVED her being in Nursery when I was the music Person for Primary. I could count on her to help me get the other kids collected for music time, for when they needed to settle down and be quiet, and for when I needed a song to be picked. Your sweet little doll would help me SO much! She knew ALL the songs. Sang good and loud to them all and was a great example.Happy Birthday BB!


  2. Hi BobbiCute pictures.Could you do me a favor and email me a picture of the scrap booking page you did of our family jumping.Thank-youLaurie


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