About Time!

Man, I needed this! A night out with the girls. Was your week one of those? Where the kids are sick of being together 24-7 and make a point of making each other crazy just for something to do? Don’t get me wrong – my kids get along eerily well, but this week… I don’t know. It was insane. Might have something to do with the weather turning cold the last couple of days – so no outside play time. Whatever the reason – my kids were driving me batty! Thankfully, I knew we had a girls night planned for last night – dinner at Kelsey’s restaurant. Nice~! I was so glad when Karla showed up a bit early to pick me up – I was eagerly waiting, trust me! We picked up Ailyn and Pam and headed out. What was the occasion? To discuss Breaking Dawn, of course! So, it was lovely that Karla was so thoughtful as to be playing “Muse” on her car stereo. You know, just to put us in the mood 😉

I was starving! I planned to eat dinner before I went out, so I wouldn’t have to order as much, but we had grilled cheese sandwiches for supper. Why would I fill up on that when I could have this instead:
Oh my – the shrimp was mouthwatering! The steak was okay for me – it was kind of tendon-y. Whatever, still better than grilled cheese, IMO.

I don’t think we stopped talking from the second we stepped out of the vehicle until the second we stepped back in! I found it amazing how much I have in common with each of these girls – it was scary sometimes! The way we feel about our kids, our callings, our fitness level (Okay, Ailyn I think you kicked our butts in this category), our clothes, you name it. We talked about everything – with one notable exception. We never mentioned Breaking Dawn the entire meal! LOL! It wasn’t until the drive home that we talked about it. It’s funny how we all read the same book and have differing thoughts on it. It was fun to see other points of view and even change some of my ideas about the book.

Oh, I guess there was another topic that was non-existent in our conversation (happily so). NO HUSBAND BASHING! HOORAY! I really, really hate when women get together and think it’s good times to bash their husbands to each other. I think it’s being disloyal, I think it’s breaking covenants we’ve made, and I don’t think it’s okay in any way, shape, or form. I mean, what if the tables were turned… I would be devastated if I knew my husband was bashing me to his friends. Come on, women – you know you would be too. Not sure why gals think it’s okay to verbally trash the one person who’s supposed to be your closest teammate. I adore my husband. He’s really exceptional. And when visiting with these gals I could tell they felt the same way about their husbands. They love them! AND they LIKE them, too (sometimes those two things don’t go hand in hand). It was such an uplifting visit – 5 hours worth! LOL! We didn’t leave until midnight. Luckily there was a waiter there (or busboy – not sure) who was still awake enough to take our picture. I have to prove I have a social life, after all. We were so tired! Okay, *I* was so tired – I’m not used to late nights anymore. 10pm, baby. That’s usually my limit. But the time flew by to me. It was great, girls! Thanks for the good time!

4 thoughts on “About Time!

  1. Oh how fun! Yummy meal you picked!!!I So agree with you about the non-bashing of husbands. Drives me crazy when I hear it from a group of women. I just think “how sad”.Looks like a great bunch of women friends you’ve made there in your new city. Awesome. You look great!


  2. I’m glad you have made some great friends in the new place!!I totally agree with you about the husband bashing. There was some ladies I work with and that is all the day, before I got married they would bash marriage and all I can do is shake my head and think about how bitter they are and hope that I will never be like that. I love my husband to bits and I can’t imagine bashing him to other people and if it ever comes to that I hope that we have the understanding to be able to talk about it to eachother before I feel the need to bash him to other people!!You look fabulous lady!!


  3. How fun! Girls nights are perfect when you can get a group of gals together that you click with that well.I can’t agree more with the whole husband bashing thing. I can’t listen to it and I won’t participate. Other than the fact that my husband ROCKS, shouldn’t you point out the good in everyone? I mean, this is the man they want to be with for a very…long…time.


  4. Isn’t it so awesome when you can find a group of ladies that you can just mesh with? How healing it can be to discover similarities and sharing experiences!Ditto to everyone about husband bashing.


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