Moi? Brilliante??

I was nominated for this Brillante Weblog award by Jenn. First of all thank you so much! I had no idea I was BRILLIANTE! YES! LOL! Actually, getting this award was just what I needed that day 🙂 It’s too funny that a blog that I think is brilliante gave ME this award! But now it’s my turn to pass it on, pass it on!

The award comes with these rules: 1. The winner can put the logo on their blog. 2. Link to the person you received your award from. 3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs. 4. Put links of those blogs on yours. 5. Leave a message on the blogs you’ve nominated. 6. Write an acceptance speech in the style of the Academy Awards, thanking every body’s mother, father, sister, brother, aunties and uncles and the kitchen staff at your favorite restaurant!

Rules, rules, rules… I guess rules are made to be broken, but then I wouldn’t be brilliante! So here goes. First my speech. I’d like to thank my mom, my dad, my husband, and children for putting up with me living in their house with them. I’d like to thank my friends… oh, and the guy that came up with corn nuts. Those are really good. I also would like to thank the girl who thought up spanx. Those are awesome! Um…. I think that’s it. OH! And Blue October, Muse, and all my other scrapbooking/photoediting/general blog browsing and inspiring type tunes. They get me in the creating mood. Thanks everyone!

These are my seven brilliante blog winners!

1. Heather – this gal is talented in every way. She is a mom like a lot of us, and manages to rock that role like no other. My favorite things about her blog are her scrapbook pages, her photography, her recipes (oh super yummo!), and her candid, though uplifting, posts. Go and say “hi” if you haven’t already!

2. Creative Organizing – I just discovered this blog and I am in organizers heaven! There are so many fun and practical ideas for keeping your home and your life organized! LOVE this place.

3. Goodie Box – I couldn’t choose between the ladies behind the “Goodie Box” so I just nominate their goodiebox blog. LOL! I am inspired to no end by these two. Not only do they give challenges WITH prizes, but they (and all the readers who post layouts) inspire me to try things I never would have thought of with my scrapbooking. I just get giddy when a new challenge is up for the month and my brain can get back to being creative. They never fail to pull me out of a scrapbooking slump!

4. S.T. Lewis – I came across this blog months ago through Heather’s actually, and it has turned into a fave of mine. I just get a kick out of his sense of humor and how that translates onto his drawings. He is an amazing….. um… cartoonist? Not sure the terminology. But I love his stuff just the same. Right now he’s giving away free postcards of his soon-to-be-published drawings but they are going fast!

5. Michelle – I love her blog because she has so many similar interests to mine. Lately she has been getting more into photography and I’ve loved checking out her latest shots. She is also a queen card maker, so she’s a great spot to check out for card inspiration. She has even inspired me to make the odd card. I know! ME! She also has regular fun giveaways and movie reviews which I enjoy as well. Go say Hi from me!

Wow – still two more? Do I even visit more than 5 blogs a day? Hmm… yep. I’ll share a couple more favs.

6. 4MonkeyMom – Okay, I’m a little biased because she is my SIL, but seriously her posts are side splitting. She’s been told a few times that she ought to write a book, and I agree. I wish I had one iota of her wit – especially when it comes to motherhood.

7. AmyW. – Yeah, okay, I’ve told you about her before. So what? She’s too much fun! Love her wit, her recipes, her craft ideas, her photography – pretty much everything. Plus, she has a pool in her backyard. Wish we lived closer 😉

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