M Family and my excitement!

Wow. I’ve been busy! Everytime I say that, I seem to get busier – so maybe I should say “Um, I haven’t been busy at all!” LOL! I’m so happy, though, when the busy-ness comes from photoshoots. I have to admit, though, I was really, really nervous about this one. 1. I had never before met this family, so wasn’t sure what to expect and 2. teenagers!! I have no clue how to photograph, pose etc. teenagers. Sooooo intimidating. At least, it WOULD have been if it had been any other teenagers than these. They were awesome!! So fun, so nice, so down to earth. I laughed so hard, and had a great time with them.

This gal was so fun – letting me experiment, up for anything! And seriously gorgeous! I was like a kid in a candy store with her – trying all kinds of fun poses. She is only 14, but knows how to do the “serious” face, right? Nice.

Okay, boys are even more intimidating, but seriously look at this kid – a natural! I totally loved his glasses!
This cutie was a pleasure to photograph. She is miss personality – she was so talkative, so fun, and had so many awesome ideas. No problem photographing her 🙂

I had to have my husband capture forever on film the wonder and glory of my first publication in a scrapbooking magazine.Yes, you can see my sweet digi layout on the upper right hand corner of the page. It’s not huge, I know, but I’m working my way up to a full page layout, then the cover. LOL! Okay, I was excited. UBER excited. Still am.

11 thoughts on “M Family and my excitement!

  1. That was a beautiful location that you shot those pictures at. Really amazing. Congrats on your first publication! Here’s to hoping for many more in the future! What a great job. You really are amazing!


  2. So exciting to be published! I love the picture of the kids with the flowers and sun in the background. You make people look SO gorgeous. Not that they're not but you capture them at their best. I still REALLY want to have family pictures done by you when you're in town again. So I can be turned into gorgeous. ;> I think you are AMAZING TOO!!!!!!!


  3. Congratulations again— you deserve being published you are so talented! And I believe you’ll be there on the cover with your mad skills soem day. Totally!


  4. Finally someone is giving you some page space, YOU DESERVE IT! That cover layout of yours is coming soon, I can feel it! How can it not happen with your talent?


  5. Congrats Bobbie! You deserve it! I just LOVE those photos you took. Absolutely fun. That “serious” face made her look totally like a model. You really know how to help your subjects do a pose. So cute!


  6. LOVED your photos Bobbi! Just beautiful! You do amazing work and have such a great eye for seeing art at it’s best. Thanks for sharing and congrats again in being in the scrappin mag…too cool!


  7. Super pics Bobbi! I love the one of the kid’s in front of the flowers with the sun shining thru…gorgeous!I saw your layout in my magazine here…I know you will keep getting published because you are so awesome…all around!


  8. Super fab photos! As always, you rock! Congrats on the publication too! On my list is a family portrait, especially now that DD is done with cancer treatment! Your photos insprired me to find a photographer here to take some pic of us. 🙂 Thanks!


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