Memories of Me


Oh how conceited that sounds. LOL! I’ve seen this on several blogs and thought how fun it would be to do here!

Here’s how it works (copied shamelessly from Heather’s blog):

As a comment here on this blog entry, leave a memory that you and I had together. It doesn’t matter if you knew me a little or a lot..just any memory that you still remember. (That sounded funny. Obviously it wouldn’t help me any if it was a memory that you CAN’T remember. LOL!!!) I would ask however, that all of the memories be uplifting. It can be a good happy memory or a more sentimental one, but I would ask that if you do have bad memories of me (which I honestly hope you do not….I would feel terrible about that), that you only post good and uplifting ones here. Please also include the year, etc. of the memory (or a guesstimate, if you can’t remember exactly).

Next, re-post these instructions on your blog (if you have one) so that all of us that know YOU, can leave our favorite memories of you!!!! Please join in for this celebration of WONDERFUL MEMORIES together!!!

9 thoughts on “Memories of Me

  1. My real great memories of you, are when are wards joined together and then when you and I worked together in the RS Presidency. That’s when I really got to know you. I LOVED all your insights and wonderful inspiration. I got to know the REAL Bobbie and I liked it. I admire all your talents….which you have many. I especially love your infectious laugh. Remember when you and Lynette and I were the only ones that showed up at Cheesecake Cafe’? That was a great time.


  2. So am I allowed to comment on your blog even though I’m not a blog’er’, scrapbook’er’ or Twilight’er’?Having spent the last 10 years of my life as your husband I have a lot of memories of you and I thank the Lord each day that you accepted my proposal while being eaten alive by mosquitoes and have decided to stick it out with me for eternity or maybe longer!One of my fondest memories was a Sunday morning last year when I got home from my Bishopric meetings to find you singing hymns with the girls in the kitchen preparing breakfast and allowing the girls to help which was probably more of a hindrance than a help.You have been my greatest support through these trying years and continue to be my best friend. I love you!


  3. Even though I have never met or spoke to you, one of my memories of you is how you always have such cool ideas and tips on your blog and you are always so willing to share such vital photog info!! Plus you always have such beautiful photos, and scrapbook projects on here too that i love checking out!!


  4. Hmmmm… MY favorite Memory of you would have to be years ago when you were a part of the “Book of Mormon Trek.” In one particular day, you were acting as one of the many belly dancers for wicked King Noah! Makeup, hair, costume… the works!! You were by far the best 🙂 I just about peed myself from laughing so hard (as did the rest of us youth at the time) when we witnessed you saving the “moment” Something went wrong with the skit or sound or whatever, and you “improvised” by doing basically a solo rendition of hip moves, and jingles in front of a very large and attentive croud with a lot of twirls and “aaayyeeee yaaaahhhh’s”!! ROTFLOL 🙂 I didn’t know you personally back then, but I will NEVER let that memory go. *Nice moves…Nor will I ever read that one scripture story the same!!! You STILL GOT IT GIRL 😀


  5. I am new to your site but I really appreciate all the help that you have shown me over the past few weeks/month. Your love for photography shines through and I appreciate you helping me to make our family photos look better. Sounds fun… I will try to do this on our site tomorrow.


  6. wow you are FABU dahling! I have so many but the one that comes to mind is when we were “naughty”!!! you totally know what I’m talking about-ripping our photos at one of our many and fun scrapbooking nights at Jayna’s! fun times!!!or doing the YMCA dancing on chairs at the church dance. now that was crazy fun!


  7. I remember reading your blog (I think it was when my sister got pictures taken by you? or maybe thru Joanne’s blog).. anyway.. and you had just decided to move. We also had decided to move and it helped to read what was going on with you as it was very similar to our situation. You were a strength to me at that time.


  8. I remember being in the YSA ward and you had just been engaged to Lyndon and I think the R.S. lesson was about loving yourself for who you were and I remember you turned to me and said “At least I know my future hubby loves me for who I am” and I thought that was so sweet that you didn’t really care what others might think of you. You knew Lyndon loved you no matter what. Also you don’t allow your children to be disruptive or just play in sacrament. If they are really fussy, you take them out and when you come back in, they are quiet. You’re such a good example to everyone that knows you. And you’re a really amazing Mom. I wish I could be more like you when it comes to Tanner ; )


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